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  1. i did it ,but my internet is slow af,soon geting a new one.
  2. Power gaming - 262ID As you can see in the video ( 1st video ) He trying to lock his car just jumping near the car and pressing K button. you can see that i wrote a /me that i take a remote and i lock a car.  Fear Roleplay - 262ID When i stepped out of the car, and said Hands up, he just sit in his car and drive away. ( 2nd video ) you didnt said that,maybie i didnt heard it but you started spraying with your pistol (i didnt got 2 or more bullets in my body it was desync). DeathMatch - 102ID You can see on the ( 2nd video ) He trying to hit me twice with his car. how do you know that he tried to hit you with a car in 1st try? OOC Insult - 102ID Insulting me in ooc chat by saying idiot. ( photo ) why you didnt took a screenshots when you was writing not nice words about me ? you did it one sided ,and im not calling "idiot" for nothing im,a nice guy. Metagaming - Both As you can see, they do not said any word in game while driving arround, so you can see they are metagamers. ( Both ) . this one is the funniest one ,how can you know that we didnt planned to do it before you saw us ? and its looks funny how you did it all onesided ,what happend at fuel stacion ?.next time put full video not one sided .anyways im letting to do work for admins. Peace.
  3. Kleme_maybach

    ID 23 - DM

    if you was getting out of the car when i shooted at you ,you would get out of the car ,i know that for sure ,but you wasnt.
  4. Kleme_maybach

    ID 23 - DM

    you was pressing up arrow to start your engine not button f ,look at your video that you uploaded.And i gaved for you around 4 secs time ,but you still was flooding to start your engine thats why i shoot you :).
  5. Kleme_maybach

    ID 23 - DM

    Behind that story i shouted for you to stop the vehicle but you rammed me and runned away.Now i said for you demands but you ignored them and still tryied to start the engine ,no fear rp from your side. Btw in this video we can see that im saying you to get out of the car but you are still trying to start your engine buddy.
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