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  1. You have literally just given evidence of how it's a derogatory term, your first link literally states it in the first line. I am not trying to argue about anything I promise, but I have not reacted to any of your posts once in a negative way lol so don't know where you are getting that from, in fact, I have reacted positively to some of your posts as I thought you were beginning to realise that we actually did not break any rules here. I do not control what my fellow gang members/Forum members like or upvote, in fact, it was you and your friend who reacted to my posts negatively not that this matters, just seems a bit weird that you are trying to twist this around as if I have formed some sort of bullying platform on the forums, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the forums, I can't control that. Anyway, this is definitely the last post I make until requested to by an admin, I am quite ashamed I let it get to this stage as it seems you like to just have the last word when I am just explaining the scenario and what I see in the video, whereas you are just doing it for arguments sake, as all the things you have mentioned have nothing to do with the actual report itself. The reason I removed the reaction was due to you getting offended over it not to make it look like I was a saint lol, if the reactions were that hurtful I’m sure they wouldn’t be there, but nice try to make it seem that way
  2. Triads and Vagos decided to have a meetup at a secluded location, Triads were sceptical at first so positioned men on the roof to keep a lookout and be vigilant for any funny business. The Vagos were lined up and patted down for security reasons, the men's weapons were confiscated until after the meeting was over. Although the Triads were sceptical both parties left satisfied and on good terms.
  3. Would appreciate it if you didn't use derogatory terms to describe Metrooo and I, yes Mary Sue is classed as a derogatory term, its belittling and disrespectful, not once have I been disrespectful to you, actually quite the opposite I have been patient with you and tried to explain everything the best way I can. I don't claim to be a perfectionist I am just backing my actions with rules and making sure they are within them, as everyone should as it makes the server a better place for everyone. I cannot help the situation if I desync, I just have to ignore the situation and continue with what the original plan was, maybe could of handled the situation better after hitting you through desync but unfortunately only an admin can pause RP thus we had to continue, if everyone had to RP injuries after a crash when they are not actually injured in the game then people wouldn't escape from car chases if they crashed, or RP the way they had originally planned, so I just had to continue with the situation but as I said it happened and you got hit by the car which did not violate the rules as it states you can hit someone if there is a valid reason, and I did have a valid reason as you had a gun on my brother IC'ly, even if the crash was not intentional.
  4. I told you it was desync from the beginning and did not once claim that if it wasn't desync it could be classed as VDM, it was not VDM either as you had a weapon pointed at our gang leader/My brother IC, I do not see what purpose you think I gain from claiming desync as even if I did not desync and that was an intentional action its still not classed as VDM. Now if this was a real life scenario I am almost positive that if someone had a gun pointed at your family member you would by any means try and stop that person even if it meant ramming them into a wall at 20-30kmh, now there is no possible way I was going above that speed as that's a very tight corner and narrow road therefore if I was going any faster I would not have been able to turn the corner... Although I do accelerate out of bends as most people do, so this is probably what ID 40 is talking about. As for the desync my car is clearly lodged between a wooden telegraph pole, the wall and another car, so how else would the car get between that gap without desync? There has been a lot of desync recently due to the increase in player base, I am quite surprised you have not experienced it yet. I am not responsible for what ID 40's perspective as its desync and will appear different for other people... You seem to only want to argue about a VDM claim so make another report, but as I said it is not VDM as you were armed and aiming at a member of our gang aka my brother IC. The way I see it is that if you still cannot grasp what I am saying and continue to argue about it on this report after what I have told you, I have also quoted from the rulebook and backed my points with evidence, due to this I feel you have not learned anything from this experience as you so claim. This is not a VDM report so can we stop going on about it as if it is. Just to add you actually do not see the car crash/desync in the video, you only see how slowly the car turned the corner and how it ended up, and I can assume you did not see it fully either as you have your gun aimed in the other direction.
  5. As I said I have no evidence as there was nothing wrong with our actions so we didn't expect a report, you are bringing up needless things into this report, but yes if your friend is being robbed at gunpoint and you witness it you can hit them with your car but only once... This wasn't my intention anyway as I have stated it was desync, if you are that bothered to create another report and report me for VDM go for it, but it won't go anywhere as me hitting you with the car is not VDM even if it was not intentional - "Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. " so from what I have read you don't have a proper understanding of the rules, as the vehicle only hit you once and no second attempt was made. Can you please quote where I said that you fired the first shot? To answer you stating that we shot at you first, if you actually watch the video we DID shoot first... which I have stated multiple times, but we only shot at ID 197, we only then shot at you because you shot at us, I expect you to defend your friend by returning fire at us, so why do you not expect us to return fire when you shoot at us? Anyway to conclude my last reply about this report we are allowed to rob ID 68 as he shot at us and we ended up winning, therefore, its in retaliation of him shooting.
  6. Hi there again, I am not going to get into an argument about the VDM claims as it was clearly desync even if I had deliberately rammed you it would not have been classed as VDM as you ID 129 had a gun pointed at ID 227 who is the leader of our gang and I only hit you once. To me, this scene was already escalating the way it did, and again I state that I had no intentions of hitting you with the car nor shooting at ID 129 and ID 68 until they had begun to fire back. As for us immediately jumping out and firing, that's just not true at all, you can clearly see we jump out to run a decent bit away back towards ID 227 (at this point me and ID 40 have no weapons drawn until ID 68 draws his) at this point we ID 68 says " are we going to have a fucking problem here? I can confirm this was not heard by me as there are issues with VOIP. We then point the gun towards ID 197 who you claim misclicked but I guess we will never know truly so we begin firing at him. The bullets only fly in your direction as your friend ID 197 runs towards your direction and puts both of your lives in danger when he should have stopped and not ran away with a gun pointed at him point blank. This report is about us robbing a new player without reason, but really we were well within our rights to loot the new player on the ground as he shot at us and ended up losing, so it is in retaliation. If you want to bring up other things like VDM then make another report, but I think I have already explained fairly well that it wasn't VDM as I only hit you once who had a gun pointed at ID 227 (it was desync anyway so it doesn't matter really). I have read ID 68 description on his video and I am sorry that you feel that way, the server is really fun and I've had some insane experiences on it and enjoyed them all thoroughly... I kind of feel like I am responsible for you wanting to quit the server even if I did not break the rules. It's amazing to see the influx in new players recently and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we all want a bigger player base on the server... I do hope my actions and the actions of my friends have not deterred you from playing the game as we do not want that to happen, the more people the better eh.
  7. Hi again, I said I wasnt going to reply but I feel as though I should. I did not mention the car situation as I thought it would be clear to everyone involved that it was desync and not intentional VDM, you can tell just from the way the car ends up lodged between everything... I was not there from the beginning so I dont know for sure what happened, I am just going by reference from your clip and my memory as I have no evidence myself due to me believing my actions and my friends actions wouldnt warrant a report. I think its unfair to say we jumped out and started shooting straight away, we actually ran out away from you guys and over to ID 227 it was then that I seen ID 68 draw his gun, then I pointed my gun at ID 197 who then proceeded to ignore fear RP and punch ID 40, that is why I started shooting. I had no intentions of shooting or using my gun at all on ID 129 and ID 68 until you began shooting at us, I only shot at ID 197 because he ran up and punched ID 40 when he had guns on him. Obviously us shooting ID 197 who is your friend IC means you can shoot us as you have KOS due to witnessing it, but at the same time when you begin shooting at us thats when our attention turns to you and we return fire, which we are well within our right to do.
  8. You are correct I did not see 2 men pointing guns at ID 227 I only see 1 man pointing a gun towards ID 227 as ID 197 does not have a weapon, not that it really matters but how did you yourself know that the men behind you were pointing guns at him when you can't see what's going on behind you? Even if ID 227 has a gun pointed at him you did not know that as ID 129 did not tell you IC that he had a gun pointed at him, you should have acted appropriately and not walked towards a man with a gun at you while not having a weapon drawn yourself, as for ID 227 not showing fear for his life, he does not have to fear for his life as he has his weapon drawn and is facing his attackers. - " Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger:" "When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked" - I am sure he will respond with his own version of events anyway. I was just responding to a radio call about a few men down at Grove with guns that we were going to rob (not you as we wouldn't be able to as your a new player)... I am not saying you are wrong for shooting but your whole report is about us robbing you when we are well within our rights to rob you as you shot at us. As for the bullets flying close to you, that would not have happened if your friend ID 197 (who had no weapon) had shown adequate fear RP and feared for his life before punching ID 40 then running away in your direction as bullets were flying towards him. I will not be responding anymore until requested/instructed to by an admin.
  9. As you can see at the start of the video ID 227 had his gun pointed at you from the start and you showed 0 fear for your life... we got out the car pulled our guns and we pointed them at you all, ID 197 who had guns pointed at him ran up to ID 40 and punched him again showing no fear of his life as it clearly states in the rules "where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range." Also, you were not shot at once until you had begun to shoot at my friend ID 40, you cannot claim "I shot because I got shot at" when in reality no one shot you until you directly shot at us, I only shot at ID 197 because he had begun punching ID 40 after having guns pointed at him. As for the robbing player thing you were in an active shootout where you yourself had shot, therefore your new player privileges were void - "Players cannot steal from players with “NEW PLAYER” above their head unless it is in retaliation. "
  10. Hi there ID 284 here, I only took your things because it was in retaliation to you shooting, you voided your new player privileges when you shot at us.
  11. We arranged a meet to solve the issues and turmoil between the Triads and Zetas, but the two leaders did not see eye to eye... The meeting did not turn out well and both parties left annoyed and upset. The Zetas then sent their hounds after two leaders of the Triads
  12. Grant Wallace doing his daily routines, these include - Conducting Visitations Patrolling the prisons catwalk Aswell as the prison's outer fences
  13. FrazO

    Los Calaveras

    Love the background and story, a lot of detail put into it. Need some screens and RP scenarios and this will bang, good luck guys!
  14. The Triads took an opportunity to make some quick cash. Together the men took control of yet another drugs lab and brought along some necessary firepower to defend themselves. One of the men scaled the mountain to get a good lookout point. From this position the man watched over the lab with binoculars and a radio, he was able to inform the men on the ground of any incoming threats.
  15. Grant Wallace's second day on the job, quickly getting the hang of it and introducing himself to other staff members of SADOC. He's not bothered what the shifts, night or day, hes always there to keep a close eye on the prison.
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