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  1. I mean it's what you make of those opportunities. Because fuck the roleplay if there's no script to take drugs which makes you hallucinate which led you to try making out with your homie aspect am I rightt - UP TOP. oh wait I had to actually use my creativity to roleplay that.
  2. An idea came to mind but it might be little hard to script. Basically what if every time a gun is aimed at a player or certain criminal commands like /frisk are used there would be a chance of cops receiving an alert of the general location where the crime is being done. The chance could be based off the place(map zone) where the robbery is being perpetrated i.e highway 90 % chance, urban area in desert a 40 %, middle of desert or mountain, 2 % and so on. If you want to rely on scripts then you have to consider all options since Los Santos would never be inhabited by mere 200 people at a time, so make the 3.999800 million people are scripted eyes. And the idea that if there's no AI then there's no-one to witnesses is what makes crimes so damn easy to do.
  3. Why not make it like business owned by player/players group that gets some part of the fee. Let them pay for the place which would be the structure or area enclosed in fencing and allow people to either rent it and when they want to do something they can host bigger events and attract investors. Also supervise it so the player owning the place isn't too inactive maybe up to 20 - 30 days without any bigger events would cause the property to be auctioned. Don't make it just another script. Spice it up a bit. And in this way it will fit in to the server perfectly since things do exist and it's just a way of entertainment.
  4. Polished thread and good players. Easy to approach and fun to roleplay with. Would buy a blunt again 10/10
  5. There are no situation where it's truly forced. It is his choice directly or indirectly to make wrong choices for his character that leads to his death.
  6. That's not a "criminal" that's a -very special person-
  7. In addition to what I mentioned before add levels to fine based on how much above the speed limit the vehicle was going. Like some countries use 10 - 15 km/h, 15 - 30 km/h and 30+ etc. km/h above speed limit each has a different fine. Speed limit city center, some parts of highways maybe. If what you make is anything similar to that I'm voting yes.
  8. Some of things could probably be resolved with someone willing to take responsibility for what you've mentioned above. But since you can't make people do something with quality without paying them those things remain up to incentive of the community. Some things above are mentioned in the rules. But something like this can be regulated with script and script will work with or without people involved so that's a start. That's how I see it.
  9. I doubt it's about giving cops more tools than making the environment in a big city less arcady and more realistic.
  10. Sure, but make it a passive system where the fines aren't automatically paid but accumulate like welfare and if they reach certain amount make the vehicle and driver wanted. Impound the car and forbid the owner from purchasing (registering) new cars.
  11. It's just a vicious cycle which can only be forcefully changed stopped. Civilians are too afraid to do anything or comply with anyone if they already know that even if they cooperate they getting shot 5 out of 6 times. - Consiquences make people more careful which makes me beg the question what are the consiquences for hands up this a robbery every 10 minutes anywhere in the city. - Civil RP is always about people creating circles and making their own RP scenarios more or less. - Scripts do make for more fancy of an expirence so I guess that might help. - New players need some sort of a trailer for the server in which safer zones are emphasized by showing that these areas are safer and inhabited by passive roleplay (which can be then supported by scripts for activities there). Because places which seem somewhat safer. Take all this with grain of salt since I'm not very accommodated with this community yet. But have already experienced this mentality described by op.
  12. Taking Lirik as an example. Watching him roleplay is one of most entertaining things I've ever seen on twitch so I doubt he'd want to miss on "Shoot two birds with one stone" chance by streaming good content and having fun. At the end of the day the server needs staff to player base ratio kept decently high so they quickly weed out "hopeless stream snipers". With rules being adaptable and staff acting professional server wouldn't encounter crazy problems.
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