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  1. Ok, so. First of all i do not lie in the /do no one time, because i do not know my radio freq, and when i saw it with /myfreq i gave it to you. Because this is bratva freq and don't forget that in Lithuania is GMT+2 So in that moment i think its be like 10 AM. And you can hear that your friend is shouting into the microphone, so i said kiddo to him, because he is kid for real. And have a really sharp voice. In the part 3 As you can see, you shooted at me a couple times, and i'm still not dead, because my game had a black screen on that time, and i pressed all the buttons. To fix the screen. And then i crashed again. And in the part 4 Is the same situation, with black screen, and if you are punching with your hands, or some item in your hands, it locks on the nearest player. So thats not my problem, this is problem with the ragemp launcher. And i locked it because i be so mad at the time, but explain this to me,
  2. Player(s) being reported: ID 39 Date of interaction reported: 03/11/2019 ( Its no rule about time ) Unix time stamp from HUD: 1552299714 Your characters name: Dimitri_Kriskov Other player(s) involved: ID 1 @donatellobam Specific rule(s) broken: I'm not sure, but its something like VDM? How did the player break the rule(s)? They tried to stop me, and started to ram my friend without valid reason. Then they tried to rob him without any reason too. At the 0:21 Evidence of rule breach:
  3. Ok, so First: I can't see an ooc insult in that situation, its just an advice to your friend or you. Second: Yes, because your friend or you shouted at the microphone all the time, that is so annoying for other people, and its normal in rp to do something like this? i don't think so. Third: Ok, then i want the admins, or founders take a look to the chat at that moment. And ur lying for everyone who reading this. Don't be that "Stupid" Because first time i said 1993 i think or somthing like that. And another time when i checked my freq i said the real 1661 freq and checked in to the radio. Forth: I said all the situation in my first reply, because if you are playing in full screen you know that situation, if not its not my problem. Fifth: When i come to my car its be in the water and i can unlock it at the moment, so no one car drive with my car there, only one of you. Peace. + I'm making another report for ramming me and my friend for no reason. GL kaukolišiai
  4. Wait, i’m the guy who chatted with you in pm. And if you a new player in the server, that not means you can lie to staff. I do not mugged, frisked, or opened your inventory i just pointed a gun one time. And i taked bag from my friend. + Its not enough evidence.
  5. Added you drive with my car into water, because as you said i locked my car so only you car drive with it in that location.
  6. So hello, i don't want to talk to much with you, but one thing. This game is still pegi-18 to you, or your friend who shouted in the microphone all the time can't play this game. Please contact a doctor about your psychological condition. Thanks. 1. OOC Insult i said "kiddo" In the ooc chat for you/your friend who shouted at the microphone, because that is so annoying. 2. / 3. I said in the ooc my game is crashing, so i restarted my game a few times, but we still make the deal with it and i think admins know that RageMP bug when the JS Script window not loading normally sometimes, and when game just not doing any actions from my keyboard/mouse. So i connected and started to press right/left my mouse buttons, and most all keyboard buttons. So i can't see what i do to them, because when the game come in normal position i be injured on the ground and your "Kiddo" Friend shouted again in the microphone thanks for the car, and i just still pressed all the buttons, and locked somehow the car. 2. About that, i "lied" in /do i do not know the command how to see the radio-freq, and just wrote the last freq i known. Then the guys said me in ooc the command, and i said the normal freq. And the roleplay is all good, because we talked together, but one thing that i do a mistake, i forgot to write the /me Throws the keys out. And said to you i already throwed it away. I don't have anything more to say to you, just please don't broke the metagaming rule, because you won't talked together. P.S Guy just don't play the game if your psychological condition is bad, because for that game i think you can kill and your family members IRL.
  7. When i took your bag from a friend, it was clear. So i put all the weed to it. And i'm the ID 42
  8. I’m with another guy just taked the weed, i do not mugged, or frisked the guy. @Zemaitc @XposeD
  9. I can’t remember that i’m point a gun at you, give the full evidence for that. My friend tony have photo where staff saying we can rob new players who doing criminal things.
  10. Hello, thank you for making this report, i’m the guy in chats. I won’t robbed you, i’m just taked all the weed thats it. P.S its not an full evidence in your photo. Peace + You just jumped out of a mountain, you can’t do that dude.
  11. Hello, are we waiting for NBDY or why this appeal is staying inactive? Thanks.
  12. Done, Sir. Edited : Hello, i have re-read the main rules of the server.
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