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  1. PooXino

    Steel White (6.3.1 Metagaming)

    Sad but its not me.
  2. PooXino

    Steel White (6.3.1 Metagaming)

    You deleted all clips and videos and now you saying something. You know its hiding evidence?
  3. PooXino

    Steel White (6.3.1 Metagaming)

    Player(s) being reported: Steel White Date of rule breach: 17:30~ Time of rule breach: 2018/09/20 Your characters name: Fraser_Harrison Other players involved: ------ Specific rule broken: " Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord. " How did the player break the rule?: He was saying IC information using faction chat. Evidence of rule breach: http://prntscr.com/kwoi8c http://prntscr.com/kwor78 . I think you can check ChatLogs if need, because he deleted all his videos and clips.
  4. PooXino

    Edvinas Nendre (7.1.2, 7.1.3 Fear RolePlay)

    Nice. Clips were deleted but no problem. I still have them recorded.
  5. PooXino

    Edvinas Nendre (7.2 Deathmatch, , Insults in OOC)

    I'm Fraser Harrison. Guy on the hill who shot Edvinas_Nendre Gangmember (44ID) and for that reason he shot my friend (Harry Dumbling)
  6. PooXino

    Edvinas Nendre (7.2 Deathmatch, , Insults in OOC)

    Yep. I got crashed and after that when i logged back on I started PM’ing you to know you that Im back from crash and report will be made. I logged on after 3~minutes and your friend looted me and we continued RP. ( I have video how I got crash and logged back on as fast as I can. ) (can upload if need) What KIND of Rp is this? You powergamed by not letting him to response to RP writing /do Success so he just started talking with you in /b and when I opened fire you just shot him when he was complying. Being friend of another person is not the reason to shoot him.
  7. PooXino

    Edvinas Nendre (7.2 Deathmatch, , Insults in OOC)

    I was the guy on the hill who was shooting at them. They were robbing my friend, I went as fast as I can to hill and I killed one guy and Edvinas_Nendre just shot my friend for no reason.
  8. PooXino

    MafijoZas - Harry Dumbling (Deathmatch Appeal)

    We cant open MDC to see we are wanted or no. After restart Officer PM'ed me about RP resume but we refused so officer just said that he will put charges ON ME. I just want you @MusketDeezNuts to look at my PM logs and you will find out everything.
  9. I'm not Steve Stathman. I was GUY ON THE BIKE. http://prntscr.com/ktjzor But both of them are my friends. I told Steve to respond.
  10. I'm watching your video. Sad that I wasnt recording at that moment.
  11. What are you talking about? They told you to put your hands up and you just open fire on them. No fear at all.
  12. ( I was guy on the bike ) I think Harry and another guy did nothing wrong. We though you gonna arrest me because before I had AK on my back and you started chasing me. Before that we killed 2 cops and I though that Im wanted ( One of the cops said that charges are added on me ). But I just want to ask you a question.. What is this RP if 3 guys with heavy weapons telling you to hands up and you still open fire on them? Who are u? Superman?
  13. This is only 0.16s video and you didint waited for me 15mins because I logged on after 5minutes~ and didint saw you. And please answer why did you started shooting us without valid reason and why video has no sounds?
  14. I unprivated video, but that was another situation. We talked with Triple Seven, Quick, Tony and NobodyLTU about that video which was privated and now I'm waiting for Nobody answer.
  15. If you think that you are not guilty why you started spamming me? https://imgur.com/gallery/N4Tn6Pt