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  1. spenny113

    Crouch tweaks

  2. Player(s) being reported:stranger 8875_9843 and stanger 2168_8810 Date of rule breach: 28/4/2018 Time of rule breach: 14:19 GMT Your characters name: Spenny White Other players involved: stranger 8875_9843 and stanger 2168_8810 Specific rule broken:Vehicle Deathmatch, Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. How did the player break the rule?: The person driving the car ran me over more 1 time in the video Evidence of rule breach: OR
  3. spenny113

    Maximum Clips

    this would be good rp but we cant do this because how many shots it takes to kill people/cops
  4. spenny113

    Balancing Cops vs. Robbers

    I think cops should be more powerful, yes but crims could import body armour that only uses half of the body armour bar
  5. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

    After talking to Marco, I am happy that we have resolved our differences, and whilst he did do wrong here, I dont think punishment for it is needed any longer
  6. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

  7. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

    if you respected us you would not of said you will not let us rp death no more
  8. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

    I do respect you but you have to respect us to davis
  9. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

  10. spenny113

    player report[Davis] Fearrp

    Player(s) being reported: Davis Date of rule breach: 05/04/18 Time of rule breach: 12.02 gmt Your characters name: Mike white Other players involved: davis Specific rule broken: "Fail rp 6.6 1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as fail roleplay, however not all actions that may seem unrealistic are punishable. A list of punishable fail roleplay actions: How did the player break the rule?:Davis first started off by unrealistically using the /do command to make himself survive headshots point blank to the head, he then also proceeds to use Out Of Character chat to basically say he doesn't want to rp because of what happened previously which is proof that you simply wanted to ruin RP for another character Evidence of rule breach: *Video evidence showing the scenario described above*
  11. spenny113

    Police - Chases

    that would be the case if there was no dsnyc and its no fun for the cops stop thinking about your self -1
  12. spenny113

    Mike White, 5229_8768 (FearRP, FailRP)

    this is not failrp on my half you did not have a gun at me and you /mug me with out rping would i succed what is powergaming also this is metagaming becoz i had a mask on and you may of remember what i was wearing but i have killed you or been hiden from you so there is no way you would no it was me and for the car i change the color of the car
  13. spenny113

    spenny113 - Mike White (Ban Appeal)

    Account name:spenny113 Character name(s):Mike White Admin who issued punishment:ballin Date of punishment:03/03/2018 Reason given for punishment:metagaming Your explanation of what happened:I was banned for 24h for metagaming for saying 'lexa you might want to lock your car' and i got reported for it during a report on another player. I wasnt given a chance to defend myself, I was just banned without consultation. The reason my appeal should be accepted is that i was using the radio in game to give that message, I just do not have push to talk turned on in discord, so i would have been heard in both as I was not muted in discord at that point. I was muting myself in discord when I felt it necessary, but as not much was happening at that moment, I left it on. The reason you cant hear me twice, and hear me on radio, is because my radio was glitched. The radio glitch where it doesnt work sometimes is a commonly known problem, and it seems unfair to be banned, without any consultation, as a result of something which is a known bug. The problems with the Radio are so well known, that Police and Medics need to use teamspeak to avoid having to use the in game radio. Post any evidence or further details: sorry i do not have any evidence, I wasnt recording during that event.
  14. spenny113

    @Lime (Discord Report) OOC Insults

    @JackD248 sorry if it upset you but it just a bit weird how your power went out as soon as we all come to kill you but i will take all what is coming my way
  15. spenny113

    @Lime (Discord Report) OOC Insults

    ok I did call him the things but I don't really see it as big as he is making it