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    Character to be refunded: Mike White Date and time of incident: 04/21/2018 Requested refund my elegy retro Description of incident resulting in loss: i sold my elegy retro to keldor Selcrathen for 200k and he was going to pay 50k a week for the car then he pm me on discord saying he has quit the server and that i can log on his account and take the car back i have tryed to pm him but we do not share a discord together or he has blocked me so i cant pm him Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/cde93c7e7dbdee2861ad3f689c1fabee Comments: i know that the evidence i have shown may not been that good but i have people in the exilded discord that know i sold the car to him. thank you for reading it and taking your time out to help me.
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    Crouch tweaks

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    [refund] Mike White

    some one killed him and then he went down i had some wait there with him and the other guy then when i come back i rp look for my gun
  4. spenny113

    [refund] Mike White

    hello there officer Davis and he took my mini uzi and 23 crack when he handcuffed me. i did rp taking them back of his dead body here is the evidences and here is me having the mini uzi and if you need more info on if i had the gun i got it of walker
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    @BallinByNature yes and i was told to come here for a refund
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    Account Name: pablo wotsits IC Name: Mike White Date & Time: 28/12/2017 11pm i lost my shotgun and ammo. Because the cop failrp and the other person vdm me i also was in jail for 2h but i got of got away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_9poYIt9T4
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    refund my ak

    Account Name: pablo wotsits IC Name: Mike White Date & Time: 27/12/2017 gun ak47 Reason: i had a ak47 in my inv and i went off for the day and when i went to get my ak out it was not there i looked in my car inv too