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  1. AceHud

    Jessey Carter - Ban Appeal

    Account name: AceHud Character name(s): Jessey Carter Admin who issued punishment: Lord Pepe Date of punishment: 28/07/2018 Reason given for punishment: . Your explanation of what happened: I really have no explanation considering i honestly can't remember why i got banned. I played alot last summer and was a honest player who didn't do much except for chilling at the LSC. All i can remember is that i stopped playing for a while and then i checked back and found out that i was banned. I did not care back then because the roleplay took too much of my time and i had work coming up. I'm now looking to play again and would love if you could give me a more specific reason why i got banned or be even nicer and unban me and give me a second chance. Thanks.
  2. AceHud


  3. AceHud

    Stranger 678_3339, FearRP/FailRP

    It was a good RP reason, why? I asked them to send one unit, why? easy to take hostage. I didn't point a gun at you right away, i asked you to go down and check the "fight" so i had the opportunity.
  4. AceHud

    Stranger 678_3339, FearRP/FailRP

    Just want the admins to notice that you have no intentions to stop apparently.
  5. + My intentions were to steal your guns if you wanted to know.
  6. AceHud

    Stranger 678_3339, FearRP/FailRP

    Considering you've done the exact same before i don't see how you will learn. On the last thread you blamed it on other stuff. This is why you shouldn't be an officer.
  7. AceHud

    Stranger 678_3339, FearRP/FailRP

    I have sent you a response aswell on your thread.
  8. You were looking away from me on your way down to the fishing spot, i had enough time pulling up my carbine. You really are a great roleplayer and officer. Sad part is i have no evidence of when you arrested me yesterday. Metagaming/powergaming and all you can name.
  9. AceHud

    Stranger 678_3339, FearRP/FailRP

    Your player name: Jessey Carter Player you are reporting: Stranger 678_3339 (ID: 44) Rule broken: FearRP/FailRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was gonna rob her for her guns at the pier however she showed no fear at all just bringing up a gun to me while having a carbine to her head? I love how this player always can manage to do things wrong and she's also been metagaming me in the past as well but let's bring that up some other time. Time and date: 28th July / 00:50 GMT +1 Evidence: See video
  10. AceHud

    Jessey Carter (6552_106) - Quit to avoid RP

    There was a chase in front of us, yes. You followed me for quite a time but with no intentions to get to me, if so i'd have stopped. I quitted cuz i had dinner IRL and wasn't in a roleplay situation. Anyways. I'm sorry.
  11. AceHud

    Jessey Carter (6552_106) - Quit to avoid RP

    You weren't even following me from my view. From my view you were following the chase in front of us.
  12. AceHud

    Eclipse Busroutes Map

    Awesome work dude!
  13. Please restrain yourself from stealing my ambulance. Thank you and have a good day.

  14. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/threads/fight-club.682/

  15. AceHud

    Fight Club

    I broke the rule. I will pay. But for now enjoy a short clip of what could potentially become something big! [media] [/media]