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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Walker Davis Character to Transfer To: Sean Hamilton Requested Transfer: House 4 Garage - Ceasars Place 2 Reason for Transfer: This is for character development of Sean Hamilton. To reflect and represent his life achievements. (Having a mansion as an old criminal in Vinewood hills is just not RPly viable, but as Sean Hamilton, a character who has been a member of the Los Santos Police Department since 2017 and climbed through the hierarchy and is now a Deputy Chief of Police, I see it being more realistic.) It is to realistically correct poor reflection of choices. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Moderator Montana will help me transfer assets.
  2. The second hit is caused due to the car being launched forward more then intended by the bike under it, and then Touching Leron slightly, making him fall over.
  3. Account name: Sean Hamilton Character name(s):Sean Hamilton Admin who issued punishment:NoewUH Date of punishment: 15/03/2018 Reason given for punishment: These two points in the video had shown that Sean Hamilton purposely used his vehicle to knock over Leron more than once. Your explanation of what happened: I pursued a wanted fugitive "Leron Davis" (which we had pursued so many times before but he easily evaded with his MC), he stopped and made a u-turn and stopped on the sidewalk. I approached him and desync hit his motorcycle.After that i decided to continue RP and to disable his Vehicle. In the desync hit he was thrown off his vehicle. Second Hit was absolutely not intentional and i was ONLY aiming to disable his motorbike. There was no intentional VDM'ing whatsoever and i certainly did intend to harm him. I believe the punishment i received for this was way to harsh. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i do not believe the punishment was according to the situation. Especially not after an admin had been on site and we had a discussion about it after. Leron Davis did not want to redo the RP because he believe he would find himself in a bad position. ( makes no sense ) Post any evidence or further details: I'd love to post a video of it but as of so many times my playstv had not hooked in and no footage was able to be taken.
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