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  1. Vinewood Hills - Los Santos City Beautiful Villa placed north of Bank International. It comes equipped with a well lit parking lot, a great city viewing terrace and multiple pools. Starting bid on this rare estate starts at: $3.850.000 Bids increase: $50.000 Buyout Price stands at: $4.500.000 Phone number: #3315134 Pictures: Parking slot for two vehicles. Backyard. View.
  2. @Xoza Alright, i get ya! Thanks for clarification. Yeah, i mean how would the major populus want it basically. As a Sheriff i abort maybe 80% of all initiated pursuits on bikes considering our territory of operations. It's just not worth the time or effort. And since rage supports mods, it's possible to add a realistic driving mod. (?! I think !?) Forcing lower speeds due to breaks and road handling for both crims and cops alike ofcourse. Evading should in many cases be based on your skill as a driver.
  3. Prepared Ski slopes with 8mm spikes, yes. Rocky offroad like mount chiliad, no.
  4. Title speaks for itself badically. Currently there is no rule against driving heavily off-road or climbing massive 45-90° mountains/Hills. Its allowed by GTA5 physics to stunt drive like this and with an offroad bike or 4x4 vehicle its an easy, quick solution to escape and get away safely. Leaving cops/pursuers without any viable experience or RP solution. It is purely Win mentality. Is this server Cops Vs (Escape from Police) Robbers, or is it an actual Realistic RP server?? And yes, cops do follow over mountains, server allows it. Send your thoughts.
  5. Sean Hamilton


    Great Vespucci beach house! 3 car garage slots! Balcony and 2 meters to the beach! Open roof terrace for furniture! Auction Starting bid: $900.000 Minimum bid: $50.000 Buyout price: $1.250.000 Bids sent to [email protected] Bids include amount, name, number and email.
  6. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Walker Davis Character to Transfer To: Sean Hamilton Requested Transfer: House 4 Garage - Ceasars Place 2 Reason for Transfer: This is for character development of Sean Hamilton. To reflect and represent his life achievements. (Having a mansion as an old criminal in Vinewood hills is just not RPly viable, but as Sean Hamilton, a character who has been a member of the Los Santos Police Department since 2017 and climbed through the hierarchy and is now a Deputy Chief of Police, I see it being more realistic.) It is to realistically correct poor reflection of choices. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Moderator Montana will help me transfer assets.
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