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  1. Cross


    I found out about the server in August 2017. Loved every minute of it and then a few months in I had to leave because I had a lot of stuff going on. Glad to be back.
  2. Cross

    GTA V crashes upon opening with new update

    Follow the guide here, it should help.
  3. Cross

    The Best TV Show(s)

    1) Gotham 2) American Horror Story 3) The Walking Dead Any suggestions? Everything I've watched is on its mid-season break.
  4. I agree with you but, everyone would react in their own way. It takes someone with balls to run or fight back.
  5. Yeah, it's threatening. Some people don't understand the concept of 'Fear' as in most cases they either flee or fight back when that would be unrealistic in a roleplay scenario.
  6. Cross

    The Best kidnapped scenario

    I can't believe he fell off.