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  1. Lewis Pelletier - Born December 1, 1990 from a French dad Lorenzo Pelletier and a Mexican mother. He grew up in a small town near Quebec City. During his childhood, Lewis was a really smart kid. His father was a trucker and his mom a bartender. Lewis was a good kid but when he was 14, he started a small gang with his cousins: Marco, Danick, David, Jean and Joe. A few years later, they made the decision to move to Los Santos together. Lewis was hired as a trucker the first day, where he worked his ass off to try and get ahead in the new city. Within a few weeks, he bought his first car: An Elegy Retro. Lewis and his cousins needed cash and ended up getting mixed up in gang activity. It wasn’t long before they got into problems with a gang named The Savage. The same day, they met and decided they would be better off on their own and decided to create a gang named the Jovenes Locos. They went to war with The Savage and formed an alliance with The Bratva. Over the course of a few weeks, things went wrong and both Lewis’ gang and The Bratva had to dissolve. With the defeat of his gang, Lewis left the city to recover, returning a few years later ready to succeed. Lewis was looking for a fresh start in Los Santos and found a good business to work for. He applied to DCC and was hired by James Eriksen. Lewis was happy and built himself a solid bank account while having fun with his new DCC family. With his success at DCC, he was able to buy a gas station with Jean Pelletier. Lewis eventually became bored of the city, however, and a few years later, Lewis left the city and DCC for a second time to return to Quebec City. His goal was to go back to school, which was harder than he though, eventually deciding 2 years later it was time for him to get back in Los Santos, where life was better for him. He was hired back in DCC by his old friend and now owner of the business Chuck Maggiano. He was happy again and spent most of his days working to get ahead. During his work shifts, he met a lot of good people and made a lot of new friends and connections. Lewis was looking for something else to do during his free time and his cousin Joe was part of The Irish Mob. The gang was in war and they were looking for new good and trustable recruit. The same day, Lewis met Al Romano and got enrolled into the gang. But the war with Zetas and Clowns was really rough and almost everyone became sick of it. They decided it was time for something new and The Irish were disbanded. During the next few weeks, he started playing poker. He earned a lot of money during that time and met a lot of people. He became close friend with Jasmine Gray, Alex Wexler and Bobby Forsyth while playing poker. Eventually, Al Romano asked Lewis if he wanted to join their new gang named The Rooks. Lewis accepted instantly and was made a soldier. During the next few months, Lewis worked for the gang and helped with things as much as he could. He was spending time with the leaders of the gang, but one day Lewis woke up and they informated him they were leaving the gang. They were looking for something new. The same day, Dmitri Leroy was named the new leader of the gang and Lewis was made Enforcer by Dmitri few days later. A few months passed and Lewis enjoyed time with his friends and gang members. He even made his first jail trip with Al Romano after a pursuit and a shootout in a cop car. But one day, he was robbing a store with his cousins and things went wrong with the cops. A few days later, Lewis was informed by the government that he would be deported the next day. During his deportation, he thought about his past mistakes. He said that he would come back and he would be better than ever. Story to be continued!
  2. 650k for elegy retro + specter custom
  3. Didn't mean to post something else you can delete this message
  4. And by the way I just checked the video like 10 times maybe more. When Danick were leaving the scene, the guy rolled right into the car while aiming and when he get hit by the car, he don't even loose any hp/life. When he roll into it he is already half HP and dont even loose any when the car hit him or not very much. You should have died at the speed he was going and according to the HP you had. I'm pretty sure it was desync on your screen. You guys seems like you desync a lot.
  5. I didn't even insult you sorry but I don't get why you reported me and my friend you put yourself in a dangerous situation
  6. ID 194 here, I'm sorry but the first Time I ran into your car it wasn't intentionnal I'm aware that I can't ram car with my super. The second time like you said, I was just going away and you were parked and in middle of the road so that make no sense it was the only way to leave the spot. I was repositionning myself in a safer spot to help my friends. You say in your report we didn't want to RP with you but do you remember what you did at LSD 45 minutes before this happen? You came into me and Danick with your heavies and you opened fire on us while we were in our car. Can you post it just to show people what you guys did before? https://plays.tv/video/5d75ad9d481bdd8230/lsd?from=user What happened don't allow you to OOC insult people by the way https://gyazo.com/a389719b0faa76f264b2cd80e1a908dd You say that you guys are here to RP and have FUN seems like you weren't having fun at all.
  7. Marc Tremblay

    ID 30-Dm

    ID 10 here can you add the minute before it happen? I gave you demand multiple time. You stole one of our guy contender and were chopping it. What did you expect? You can clearly hear me saying hands up and you didn’t even stop running. You were supposed to be under fearRP since you were on foot. And can you include the 2-3 minutes after this and show the second fearRP when you jump in my car?
  8. Account name: marc tremblay Character name(s):Lewis Pelletier Admin who issued punishment: @Zemaitc Date of punishment:03/08/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatch #2, Perma Ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch Your explanation of what happened: Me and 3 other guys were robbing a store, police just came and parked their cars in front of the store with sirens and lights ON. Then an officer just stepped out of the cruiser. When I saw that, I just shot in cops direction since it was an attempt to arrest us on this one and I tought I had the right to do it. We were in an ongoing criminal RP and the cops just came into the RP as Law enforcer. As soon as they turned their siren AND lights on, I felt like they were trying to arrest us. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I learned from my past mistakes and for me lights and sirens on cops car was giving demands. Now I know it doesn't mean anything and I ALWAYS have to give demands before doing any action. I know my RP was bad on this one and I promise it will never happen again. I like ECRP and his community and I really enjoy playing it. I promise I won't do any other rule breach and I will try my best to show you what is a good RP player. I played more tha 1000 hours on this server and I made 2 really bad mistakes and I promise it won't happen again. I just have re read the rules and I know them really well and I will always remember to gives demands before taking any action against other players. It was poor RP from my side and I totally assume it but I would like to be able to play ECRP again Post any evidence or further details:
  9. I wont talk anymore on the reply if not asked
  10. I would like to had that they made a metagaming rule breach like you can see on their video. 10. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. According to the rule they can't use the /ame over players heads. I just watched their POV hundred times and there is no way they saw us grabbing cash before calling it on the radio. They can see people inside BUT there is no way they saw us grabbing cash on this one since there is a panel in the store window that block their entire view.
  11. And from my side I didn't shot to kill the cops but get him back in their car. From my point of view it was just Suppressive fire. We just wanted to get to the car and there was an officer outside ready to open fire at any time according to me. It was clearly a threat to us at the time he stepped out of the car with the lights and siren ON. This was clearly a threat to us and this was clearly an attemp against us so according to the Deathmatch rule I had the right to shot since it was a clear threat against us.
  12. ID 36 here. In this situation, Me and the 3 guys were robbing the store. When the police showed off with no sirens or light, we saw them coming so we were going to just ran to the car and try to escape. But few seconds later, you can clearly see them turning the lights and sirens on that means they was going to try something like arresting or killing us. This was a clear threat. They weren't there to chill or give a warning. So at this time, we felt like our freedom and life was in direct danger. So we opened fire on them since they were trying something against us it was a clear threat and I didn't shot to kill them on my side it was just suppressive fire.. When they got shot at, they just closed the lights and the sirens. Seems like they were surrendering to the situation and just fear for their own life at this time. So we just ran outside the store and tried to flew away to avoid getting arrested. Then they shot at us and when we responded to their shot before trying to escape the scene since we didn't want to die or get arrested. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. According to the rule we had the right to shot at them since they were literally there to arrest or hurt us and according to me it was just suppressive fire.
  13. buyout price changed for 160k
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