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  1. Paid 170k for it when they dropped few weeks ago
  2. Selling house in Stab City Price is 180k
  3. Found a way to do it everything is fine you can close this suggestion
  4. To be closed changed my mind
  5. I am in a faction and there is no command I can do now. I cant give access to the faction member right now and I checked with an admin yesterday and nothing he can find about property management. Warehouse you can set a code on the property and you have a management menu for house but nothing on commercial property
  6. I would like to suggest something about the property script. I just bought a restaurant, but unfortunately I'm not able to manage the right on it. I would like to be able to manage the keys and giving access to friends and people I want like you can do with warehouse and houses. Right now there is no way for them to access it when It's locked. I don'T know if you have something going on right now about this little issue but this is just my point of view. Thanks for your time.
  7. No way he broke NLR took us more than 30 minutes to setup this attack. Waiting people, refueling cars and check every lab one by one.
  8. I have one for sell for 240k near vespucci canal. Have a pool near the building . contact me #3842854
  9. I have one too for sell near vespucci canal. Same interior for 240k. Have a pool right next to it. You can text me 3842854.
  10. Those hands up this is a robbery is the standard of low class criminal. Why rob honnest citizen? Just try and do it against real gang I bet they don’t have nuts to do it. For me those instant robbery are powergaming things because the guy who’s robbed don’t have any choice. Things need to change about those 2 rules (fearRp and powergaming). Robbing a guy in the middle of the street during the day is a no sense to me.
  11. Character to be refunded:Lewis Pelletier Date and time of incident:02/06/2019 at 20h35 utc-4 Requested refund (what and how much): .50 Ammo x634 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was trying to reload my empty .50 in my stash but I used the ammo on my current pistol. I tried to remove them from my current gun but forgot about my inventory space so the ammo dropped on the ground. Nothing I can do to take them back. I made a report but nothing the admin could do to take my ammo back like you can see on my evidence video. Evidence of loss: https://plays.tv/video/5cf47c13631df70400/report-refund-request?from=user Comments: Thanks for taking time to read my report.
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