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  1. Hello, im selling my old vespucci home for 90k contact me via email for more info Zephyrsconic#[email protected]
  2. Hello again, Im looking to sell my imponte pheonix for $42,900. It includes a couple of upgrades dealing with suspension, engine, and transmission. I hope to the few reading this you'll be the lucky next owner of this vehicle.
  3. hello im buying a two car home im mirror park contact me at #3833142
  5. Danny come back... you can blame it all on me... Danny come back!

    1. Flucifial
    2. jay dawson

      jay dawson

      If only get unbanned. Id play that song on repeat for hours..

  6. +1 for all the cars except the rocket cars.
  7. the offer is nolonger active
  8. Hello im selling my buffalo s for the s price of $180,000! It's sitting at highend looking for her next owner. My buffalo is partially with some engine mods and a turbo Plate: 22AHNUTS
  9. Hello im looking for a two garage home text me at 3833142 for your offers~!
  10. hello im selling a one car home in del perro. 1. Forum users are not allowed to post here anything other than their auction bids. 2. Starting bid is $80,000 Bids to be increased by $5,000. Participants must post their character name and contact number. 4. The auction will close on 15th of January, 6pm (UTC+1). Any further bids will be ignored!
  11. Hello im selling my new f620 for 50k with a brand new turbo kit,coils, and cold air intake. This deal can be found at high end!
  12. Hello im looking for a nice home for 140k contact me at 3833142 for offers and leave the pictures of the homes in the email.
  13. I'm selling my partially modded dominator gtx at highend for $135,000
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