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  1. Randyrandul

    Tie hands

    Spot on, after you've done /tie [id] they would need to approve it with /tieaccept. I understand /cuff doesn't require an accept from the other party, however the PD are trained that it should be rped at all times when possible. As this item would be enabled from the start upon load in I am purely trying to prevent the griefing that could occur.
  2. Randyrandul

    Tie hands

    If used well it will certainly enhance roleplay, as mentioned I'd like to see it come with an approval for the other party similar to /frisk, as well as a /me or /ame similar to /cuff.
  3. Randyrandul

    Hiding Criminal Activity

    The bases of my suggestion is to remove gaining information accidentally through no intent of our own. My suggestion is to remove all activities / jobs from the map when you hit ESC that wouldn't be sign posted in a normal city, and instead rely on the character to find this information through IC means. I understand that an implementation of this would reduce the already low amount of players using these activities / jobs, a solution to that can be discussed after. Initially maybe just increase the pay of them? What I think should implemented: Remove the icon for the weed farm Remove the icon for the chop shop Remove the icon for the drug dealer job I still want people to have access to these jobs, but I don't want everyone to know where they are. Scenarios where this can be important: You've just managed to pick lock that beautiful red x80, speed off outside of city limits to the chop shop that you were shown the location of by a fellow gang member. The owner would be alerted that his car has just been jacked, quickly alerting the police that someone has stolen his prize possession, however due to the fact the police have no idea about the chop shop ICly, or even if they did they wouldn't understand where it is. Unless a detective is in the know and can respond quickly, you've got away with your crime. This would remove some of the risk related to criminal role-play making it more profitable. For the detective to find out they would need to do some work increasing role-play. Mr Galante arrived in the city a few weeks ago and has been paying for the food on his plate via being a courier for the local parcel delivery firm. During his daily route, he overhears a conversation between to guys dressed in purple about this brand new opportunity to earn some extra money at night by simply dropping of some parcels to a few customers, the only catch being that if you get caught you are on your own so avoid the police even more than normal. This would require Mr Galante to speak to the gentleman to find out more information about this new delivery job they had found, increasing role-play. Maybe they beat him up for listening to him, maybe they recruit him into their gang? The above scenarios are when one party is in the know, but the other party isn't and the power difference given to the party that has already gained the information. Mr Galante while doing his trips on his new job, driving around the city notices a green exemplar parked up behind Weasel News, naturally he jumps in and decides to take it to the chop shop to try and make some quick cash. Unfortunately he has stolen from the wrong gang, this vehicle belonged to one of the lieutenants of the Irish Mob, no other than Deaglan Macalister. Through learning of the chop shop through their own activities they head directly towards to the chop shop ending with Mr Galante cut to pieces in the back of the beautiful exemplar that he stole. This scenario shows that with Mr Galante assuming that the owner doesn't know about the chop shop, this ends up with him getting court of guard and eventfully killed. Currently the bottom scenario is unlikely due to the fact that everyone already knows about the chop shop, so no one will be surprised if the other party shows up at the chop shop. Robbing the players of a role-play scenario. The intention for this suggestion is to improve RP for everyone involved and to eliminate accidentally metagaming that all of us are suspect to but are not intently doing so. If this suggestion is followed through with I'd suggest having it permanently documented for support / admins so they can be the first people to be aware of these activities, but only on their criminal characters, on civilians I'd expect them to learn it like everyone else. Being part of the staff team, they will be able to distinguish between the characters they should know on and the ones which they will have to learn on. Thank you for taking the time to read this I understand it's a simple suggestion, but I wanted to show the different role-play scenarios that can come of this.
  4. Randyrandul

    [Suggestion] Stunt shouldn't be a fail rp

    Have to say this concerns me, you are well aware it is in the rules stunt jumping currently is classed as fail rp and punishable on this server, yet you still went ahead in doing a stunt jump so you would win your situation regardless of the impact on the rp of the people involved.
  5. Randyrandul

    [Suggestion] Stunt shouldn't be a fail rp

    Another side note, most if not all the stunt jumps in game have no down ramp meaning that you always be flat landing, as this means all of the pressure of the landing will be put into the vehicles suspension because all of the pressures will be displaced vertically and not both vertically and horizontal like they are with a down ramp. Currently in game it would mean maybe two or three vehicles could take the impact. The rest would be classed as fail rp, because they simply wouldn't survive the landing. Sidenote: The directional inputs while airborne used to be disabled, making the skill you refer to being obsolete. Not sure if this is still the case.
  6. Randyrandul

    Newbie chat

    Use /report in game, currently support members are answering them as quickly as they are being asked. Admins don't usually answer these questions as that is what the support role is for, but if they have time to spare they may be able to help. This also prevents wrong information be given, even with good intentions.
  7. Randyrandul

    New rule (5.4)

    Which is the reason for the new zones, to try and prevent this from happening.
  8. Randyrandul

    New rule (5.4)

    If you agree prior to the meeting that you are bringing weapons to the club as a neutral ground to sell them with a prearranged buyer I can't see why it would be against the rules. I suggest taking screen shots of the meeting being prearranged however just to stop confusion and protect yourself. The other side is that if the arms deal went sour the side who felt cheated has no way of getting back. Obviously they could only do this for 15k and the seller would have a bad reputation but is that trade off enough to prevent this?
  9. Randyrandul

    What are the best ways to get more Exp

    If you have any other questions you can find my on the discord with the same user name I use here, feel free to ask away.
  10. Randyrandul

    What are the best ways to get more Exp

    Experience I'm pretty shit is purely generated by the amount of time playing, so roughly play for maybe a week and then you will have the sufficient experience required for applying for a job.
  11. Randyrandul

    Taxi Application

    Take a screen shot of your character from the front then edit the picture so it is mainly just your character.