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  1. It's bugged we have no applications awaiting approval that go that far back.
  2. The application are reviewed based of the order we receive them. Please expect 5-7 days of a wait. You will be notified by email so there is no need to keep checking in game.
  3. In the quiz in all the answers it's your job to show us that you understand our server rules and know how to apply them. If you can't show that then we will not accept you. On this example you failed to show how our server rules are applied in practise be it some of them or all of them.
  4. Officers wouldn't just go searching, someone would investigate and then call the police force to seize assets close the business.
  5. I submitted this appeal on behalf of DolandWithAUG as he contacted me through discord. He claims to also be perm banned from the forums and we were both unsure how that would affect his in-game ban appeal. Pending review from @BallinByNature / @FatherOsborn
  6. Account name: DolandWithAUG Character name(s): Jack Summerfield Admin who issued punishment: Osvaldon Date of punishment: 30/04/2017 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Toxic, VDM and TELEPORT Your explanation of what happened: I called a guy on the eclipse forum trash after he submitted a ban suggestion on someone else. (toxic). It was after this that I got banned (I believe the only valid reason) On the VDM and TELEPORT: I had an incident before so I understand why he put VDM and Teleport in the ban, but that was because of a massive desync and another admin agreed with that and cleared me. (So basically I was driving over people on the server side but on my side I was driving normally. Multiple people also told me that the server had some problems that day, but Im not really an expert so it could just be bad internet for all I know. It was after I said "You are trash" to someone on the forum that I got banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I totally get why I was banned. I was toxic to someone on the forum and that is uncalled for. I believe the VDM and TELEPORT reasons were a mistake or just out of anger. (Again, Im sorry) This is 2 years ago in 2017 and I have learned my lesson. Im really sorry and just want to be a part of this community. Best regards
  7. I think we are getting slightly away from the original point. Making the PD rule book public surely is an in-character issue. As you dispute arrests via IA reports which are in-character. I think it could be an interesting point to bring up in-character, maybe creating a petition and collecting resident's votes. Mayor's campaign policy? However you choose to do it, I believe it should be done in-character. Naturally, this would be a redacted version of their handbook to keep the department operational.
  8. If this would be added I'd use it almost daily. Background checks / business registrations / business licenses / employment contracts / issuing warrants to the police department. Certainly would help with adding more realism to our state.
  9. Why would it change it? Regardless of what you have changed your name to, they will know you by your old name. The only thing that should remove alias is plastic surgery as people wouldn't recognize you.
  10. What about allowing estate agents the option to mark a house for sale on the map similar to the current blip option for weazel news. If the house sells they gain a small commission, but you can sell the house yourselves however it doesn't gain the mass awareness that an estate agent covers. If this was implemented I'd like to see the removal of the housing marketplace forum, that or only allow estate agents to post in there on other peoples behalf. We currently have people trying to rp as estate agents, as you are just copying an already existing system that is already in place (weazel news blips) it shouldn't take that much additional work.
  11. The money collected through licensing and registration is collected by the board of commissioners and then placed into the treasury, to be used later down the line.
  12. The first draft of the suggestion has been written up, it's currently with the commissioners to edit and post at their discretion. The first part may be heavily tweaked to allow for a worthwhile job, but will certainly look into it. The second point will be added but the agreed rank it falls under maybe changed, to justify the level of responsibility given.
  13. I think most of if not all agree that all your items should be removed from your person when you enter jail including current clothes they should only have small effects like pictures of family / friends. I also think that the majority believe that your none perishable items excluding any weapons should be returned to yourself after some rp with DOC (as rightfully they should have the items).
  14. Completely normal buddy, don't worry about it.
  15. I wasn't until now, thank you for the suggestion.
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