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Eclipse Review

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So, I am 11,000K  EXP, been here 2 weeks, thought I would give my perspective / review on Eclipse.

Rating 85/100

Rating explained:
Since 2008 I have played on many SA:MP RP servers - Only recently getting into GTA V RP, I am pleasantly surprised.
This would focus mainly on script and players as opposed to GTA V engine itself.

Let's focus on different area's and break it down:

Good and bad here but my perspective is mostly good - that being said, it's just the way of things, there will always be bad apples.
In the start, I found people were mostly ignoring others and focused on doing there own thing, since being part of a faction, met many different people and I must say, the player base is really quite good in terms of positive experiences.

Support staff are always responsive, Other reports - I found quite a number of times, my reports went ignored for a while with the exception of Lewis, he seems to be the most helpful regardless of the problem you reported.
If there is a shortage of admins, Why not open admin applications? As it's obvious there is quite a large gap between answering reports, in-game and forums. (nothing that can't be fixed)
This does result in frustration I've witnessed as for example you die due to non-rp reasons, you just kinda have to accept death and then do the whole, forum -> refund thing. 

Definitely a big plus, solid but obviously has some limitations due to Rage MP development.
Things I would like to see is more variety, ie: Jobs/Ways to earn cash/More Legal factions

Such as more business's, strip club / restaurant etc (more player owned businesses
Cash wise: Investments / Stock Markets?
Jobs: Hell, anything really. 

Fun Factor
Can't get enough, been playing solid for 2 weeks - In the beginning though it was quite boring, Prior to 4K XP, all i could really do was Grind postal (to get somewhere financially), not many people wanted to interact with me and not for the lack of trying either but since joining a faction, it's been great.

On the whole, I would say its above average, would like to see more /me's though or more descriptive ones (ie /me jumps seems lazy)
My one biggest gripe though is the illegal factions, they don't really know what they are and sometimes doesn't really click. Think about GTA:SA, Ballas, Russians, Grove Street, Los Astekas, you knew which was a gang and which was a mafia, but majority seem to be both? and RPly, A street gang would not have super cars but rather normal cars - I know it's limiting to the people in those factions, It would just be great to see sticking with your factions backstory and IC status.

Medics - Never really get around to people and for example, the script punishes you for driving into a pole at like 5km/h where you go into a auto state of needing a medic.

LSPD Application - I would say I am pretty well versed in the English language and competent OOC with prior experience - however the application process is such a drain, 70% of the time, people are just adding fluff to "achieve sufficient effort" - Was quite disappointing to see my application denied, as I'm sure if they had spoken to me, they would of gotten a better feel of who I am, I'm really not the one for writing a life story that might lead to nothing.
I would suggest being more easy on apps and rather more strict on interview.

Recording everything - I know this is a norm but I don't know I refuse to - screenshots should suffice and is much easier (I realize i will get roasted for saying this)
It's just not something i would do.

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I have to honestly say and no offence to the staff, some of which work relentlessly hard, but the amount of IG reports been answered is very poor a /report 2 rarely ever gets answered now, ever.

The staff that are IG are all parts of gov factions such as PD and are always busy RPing therefore cant help people the staff team in my opinion needs looking at as someone people are too busy in there IC RP and dont have time for reports meaning the community is suffering. 


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