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Incorrect modification price

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Date and time (provide timezone): Today

Character name: Nolan Edwards

Issue/bug you are reporting: As you can see in the video I chose a modification which is worth $750 but i get $2.5k extra on every modification I change I have no idea what is causing me to pay 2.5k$ extra every time I have to change a modification in my vehicle. @ElizabethC can confirm.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:  


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Edward has been having this problem for at least a day or two. The price on the modview is correct, but when going in to offer with 0 labour, another 2500 gets added out of nowhere.

When it first happened, I paid him the extra charge back and expected it to go away. That obviously didn't go as planned.

I can provide footage of my side too, but it's exactly the same.

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