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Real estate or an actual government faction

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Hello. I was talking with a friend of mine about all the inactivity between businesses/properties and other issues.

Basically, I think adding a player made government faction or a Real estate faction could not only add more RP but also organize all the businesses a little bit more.

I'll explain everything now: 

- The real estate faction could handle properties and businesses in terms of availability. Instead of people wandering around driving and looking for houses, they could instead go straight to the real estate and ask if there are any available houses in the specified location, for the specified price. It could also work with businesses even though I think that it would fit a government faction more to handle those. 

Government faction: 

- This is a more complete idea in my opinion. It could involve everything, from real estate to actual lawyers. Of course, there are already admins to take care of it, but maybe adding players to fit those roles would add a lot of RP situations and spread more people between jobs, not only mechanics and such ( Yes, talking about you cheeky mechanic shops ). They could have lots of roles within the faction to keep it in a nice roleplay environment. Of course, requirements would be high such as a high XP base, age restrictions and a good RP level. 


NOTE: I suggested both because people may like one and not the other.



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