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Updated 911

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Not talking about removing /call 911 but to add another one that lets players give the responding unit more info in real time. Ill explain 


You call

/call dispatch 


And then the Police gets a notification like when they get a 911 call. But instead of Just adding a gps location With some short info it starts a Phone call With the person Who called for help. Allowing the responding unit and the person in need to keep echother updated. The Police officer would also see the callers location in real time like With /em. 


When the call is ended the gps tracker stops updateing and shows the last known location for the officers. 

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People driving lights and sirens can't type and drive at the same time, so it's kind of pointless.

What could happen though without any script change is a person in the PD could RP being a dispatcher and call the caller back to get more information while units are driving to the scene.

All it would take is some will power from the PD Command team and people volunteering to be a dispatcher.

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