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Some bugs with vehicles modifications

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Date and time (provide timezone): N/A

Character name: Chuck_Barkley

Issue/bug you are reporting: There's a few bugs witf vehciles modifications:

You cant see coloured tires smoke if you dont write /modview, also if it is possible fix bug with chrome colour, because other players cant see it.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Just typed all things, I just cant record it. If its possible please fix that.

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I understand that this is quite annoying since you have the options to select these things.
Though, I would like to add somethhing:
I own a Coquette Classic and sometimes I have my car with roof and sometimes not... When I get my car out of my house it is always a suprise for me. Also some people will see it with roof and some see it as a cabrio. 
I heared that there is the same issue with the Banshee.
In regular GTA there is the option to remove the roof from these cars, but this is not added in the server...

Harvey Spencer

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