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Casino & Race track

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I feel that we really should utiokise the casino & race track near the entrance to the freeway. Its a cool building and the race track has potential.


Find an interior that looks like a casino or another bar and add slot machines and poker...maybe even throw in some black jack or other social table games.


Race track

Racing script: Make a script where a player can start a race, setting parameters for:

1) Type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck, animal)

2) Wager

3) Amount of laps

4) Max amount of participants

Winner takes all from participant wagers.

Animal Racing:

The person hosting the race can chose the type of animal for the race..i.e. dog, pig etc.

When participants enter as animals, they (the player) will be spawned into the track with their skin set to the chosen animal. RPly their character would be watching from the stands. It would essentially be a foot race but with your skin set to an animal for the duration of the race.



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