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Hello everyone, just a few suggestions here on how to implement bodyarmor.


Low Threat Ballistic Vest

These can be purchased at gunstores the same way pistols can be purchased, they are low cost but also provide only a little bit of protection. (You can decide, but I believe 10% to 25% is a good gauge for Low-Threat.)


Additionally, since turf owners are able to order in various amounts of illegal equipment such as High Caliber Rifles it wouldn't be too unrealistic to consider them ordering in a full protective vest.

If the concept of giving criminals access to a full armorbar scares you, I'd be perfectly happy with 50% or 75% as well, any protective vest at this point would be great for civillians and criminals alike, after all LS is a dangerous place, and everyone should be able to protect themselves.


Speaking of armor, placing a debuff on people with Full Armor would be alright with me too, equipment is heavy, and if possible reducing sprintspeed by a certain amount while wearing body-armor would be great.



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