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Tom Whelan

Event audio / Car audio

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Since I've been hanging out in different events and meetings theres been people trying to manipulate how to play music for everyone.
Let's say at a houseparty or a car meet, people socialize and even dancing.

I would like to have the opportunity to either one or all of the following:

  1. Play music in a public space/event (maybe with a object like a speaker)
  2. Play music in my car from a stream that will allow everyone in the car to hear it
  3. Play music in a house or aparment

Some thoughs about the above:
1a: Playing music in the public might cause problems if everyone is able to. So I think a restriction to events or a sertain amount of "speakers" in a area.
1b: The range or diameter which the music will reach, even if the person/object is in a vehicle or not

2a: Controls for volume or even mute as a passanger in car (Latency/bandwith issues?)
2b: If the sound is supposed to be heard from the outside or not 

For the scripting it shouldn't be too hard to implement:
Resource: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Audio::playSoundFrontend
Resource: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Audio::playSoundFromCoord


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