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Hi guys, new to RAGE and Eclipse

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Hi all!


New to RAGE:MP and the server. I've created my character and been roaming the streets just to get an idea of things as of yesterday. So far I've not met any company or had roleplay experiences.

I've roleplayed as Sheriff and on the illegal side (gangs, mob and mafia) alot for about a decade on SAMP before quitting it. I'm usually busy with work so I login every alternative day for an hour or so. I hope to meet more of you and make some friends around here.


Best Regards,


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Hey, What's goin' on Deathbloke!

Welcome to eclipseRP, I hope you enjoy what we have to offer :) 

If you are interested in roleplaying law enforcement, feel free to make an application on the LSPD forums, we would love to have you!

If you ever need any assistance, feel free to PM me on discord.

I hope for the best,

- NoewUH


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It's all good on this side, I hope the same for you.

Thank you for the kind words and for the encouragement to apply for LSPD. However before I do that, I'm just trying to get used to the server and how comfortable I am with voice roleplay, since it definitely seems to be an integral part of Eclipse from what I noticed during my lastest login.

I personally prefer to not use mic ( other than for call-outs or where-ever PD deems absolutely necessary for it to be used ) and prefer a text based roleplay, so just exploring the RP atmosphere around here before I commit to anything!

I'll make sure to hit you up for any concerns!




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