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Money Retrieval from Vehicle Chops

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Make it so that when a vehicle is chopped, you have to approach and interact the mechanic to retrieve the money.  It doesn't make sense that it instantly becomes people's pocket money.

Money can be retrieved by the person that originally chopped (as they are the loyal customer), as well as LEO (under the assumption that the mechanic is pat down by PD under the suspicion of operating a chop shop and finds the cash on him).

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+1 though I would like to expand a bit.

  • Chopping would not require for you to be present, at the end you give the car to the guy to chop, not like you are helping him.
  • Anyone could come and collect money, meaning that people would still need to be close to collect it, but if you have to run, someone would be able to profit off of it regardless.
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