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Mr. Blue

Robert Forkman - Aka Mr. Blue

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Hello a lot of you may have already met me, I've been in Los Santos now for about 3 - 4 days and I thought I'd formally introduce myself.

The name's Robert Forkman - I am a certified psychological professional and mediator in judicial and extrajudicial matters as well as an entrepreneurial consultant. 

As some of you may already know, I am quite the card-shark.

I am a survivor of 4 gunshot wounds, and an overall good samaritain who tries to intervene during crimes. 

I would like to personally thank the woman who helped save my life last night after I had been shot 4 times. I'm glad the medical staff were able to resuscitate you.

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Welcome to EC community. Hope you will enjoy your time while on server.

I have one question because I'm not really sure. The contect is IC or OOC?
Because we use this board for OOC, but I'm a bit confused, you are psychological professional in real life or no ? :3_grin:


P.S. If you need any sort of help hit me up on discord: karpalak#3611

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Lol I was IC'ing most of that but totally OOC I'm not a psychological professional haha - but am an actual mediator.

Which I could eventually use as an IC service for gov't factions to hire me for.

Thanks for the welcome both of ya. :D 


I Just bought my first house on mirror drive. I'm pretty sure (Karpalak) had it going a few weeks ago for $90k ish :D 

I snagged it up, and paid back the loan within like 2 days.


Now I got my fingers crossed for my EMT application. 

Probably gonna look at credits too when I'm less poor lol.

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