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  1. I'm listing my blade for sale. I've put lots of time and effort in upgrades and in the paint of this beauty. It has a tangy orange motif - including orange neon and matching tire smoke. The mods are as follows: Brakes: 2/4 Engine: 2/4 Suspension: 5/5 Transmission: 3/4 Turbo: 1/2 If you are interested in making an offer please contact me, Robert McNickoll at 289 1407! Serious offers/inquiries only please. *In Perma-storage. Not for sale.
  2. Mr. Blue

    [SELLING] Imponte Phoenix, 40k

    I am interested but don't have the money on hand. 2891407 - Rob McNickoll
  3. Mr. Blue

    Robert Forkman ($25000)

    Nevermind. Cancel the refund request. Name was changed.
  4. Mr. Blue

    Robert Forkman ($25000)

    Robert Forkman ($25000 Required post format: Character to be refunded: Robert_Forkman Date and time of incident: 06/13/2018 12:45am EST Requested refund (what and how much): $25000 Description of incident resulting in loss: Name change went through but the prompt said "Name has already been taken" Evidence of loss: See below Comments:
  5. Mr. Blue

    Multiplayer Jobs & Jobs that promote RP

    +1 for coop civilian jobs. Higher pays for opting to team would be a great way to get people working together.
  6. Mr. Blue

    Robert Forkman - Aka Mr. Blue

    Lol I was IC'ing most of that but totally OOC I'm not a psychological professional haha - but am an actual mediator. Which I could eventually use as an IC service for gov't factions to hire me for. Thanks for the welcome both of ya. :D I Just bought my first house on mirror drive. I'm pretty sure (Karpalak) had it going a few weeks ago for $90k ish :D I snagged it up, and paid back the loan within like 2 days. Now I got my fingers crossed for my EMT application. Probably gonna look at credits too when I'm less poor lol.
  7. Mr. Blue

    Error to connect to server

    Try clicking X on client side error that comes up. Majority of crashes involved clicking away a client-error. This looks different then the usual though. What IP are you using in Rage?
  8. Super ill go check it out.
  9. I very well may jump on this tn. Gonna secure a loan.
  10. Mr. Blue

    Looking for agent

    Robert Forkman here. Looking for an agent to help me track down a home in the $100k range. Mirror park preferable. In game number 2891407. Looking forward to hearing from you. 2 car garage would be great.
  11. Mr. Blue

    New Radio Station for LS!

    I'm in as a DJ and / or talk-show host :D
  12. Mr. Blue

    Mirror park 2 car garage offers only.

    80k for yellow house. 289 1407 Robert forkman
  13. Mr. Blue

    Feeling an itch for a little risk?

    Where abouts will it be located?
  14. Mr. Blue

    Freelance for Weazel!

    I met Scotty and Tanner recently, I'd be interested in doing some freelance work 289 1407. Robert Forkman.
  15. Mr. Blue

    Faggio for sale

    Contact me in game tn 289 1407 I'mma buy it for my cousin!