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Dragging & cuff animation

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I've been thinking, wouldn't it be more convenient if there would be a command to drag person, if he's cuffed. I mean yes, we RP that, but..

  • With an usual cuff animation bug*  people usually forget that they're with their arms behind their backs and starts powergaming by running around faster than 10 cops behind them
  • Especially in DOC people tend to run around in front of the officer who processes them, trying all doors around them to see if any is unlocked so they can escape and run around inside the DOC like an idiots with their hands of course... Behind their backs.
  • Very often, after getting tazed, I see people tend to "recover" way too fast from the 50.000 volts that just struck their body. And once again, stand up and starts running around if law enforcement didn't type /me kneels on top of the suspect in time.
  • A lot of people really doesn't look or ignore your roleplaying as "/me grabs person by his shoulder and forearm, firmly holding him and leading him towards" and they also tend to walk around where they pleases, which looks very sad.

With dragging command (which of course you have to roleplay before and get a /do able to) it would be easier for everyone to roleplay certain scenarios, as well as person who's being dragged doesn't have to walk besides officer and can type commands in the meanwhile, trying to headbutt an officer, who'll have to release dragging if it succeeds. 


* Cuff animation bug - it would be great if person who's cuffed would stay with that animation. As I remember in sa:mp there were a animation which even affected your running, so you cannot have the same speed as a person without cuffs, because *obviously* you don't have your arms to swing while running. Also If you tried to jump while being cuffed you would fall on your face even making your attempts even worse. 

I mean I'm always down for a decent RP experience and a chance for someone to run away, but cmon... 9/10 times those attempts look very sad, without no RP and pretty Powergame'd. So yeah, if you want to run, you should have a good opportunity that would at least look realistic and not exploiting game mechanics.


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