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No Voice chat option on the menu

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2021-06-02.thumb.png.341cb475f6332e408012a21233ff2e01.pngHey there, 

I started playing yesterday so I'm only starting to get my mind around everything. For some reason there's no voice chat option on my menu page. I've looked at the 'how to' thread and I'm a bit lost on it honestly. I'm not sure if that thread would even apply to this problem. 
Does anybody have an idea on how to sort this issue out? 

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On 6/5/2021 at 12:41 AM, Aieos said:

As well as in rage, it will also pull from your default recording and playback device set in Windows.


Please let us know if this solves your issues.

Hi, here's the thing.. I found this post, so I also would like to share my "new" experience in this whole microphone thing. 😅

 Turns out, other players in the game can actually hear me, BUT I usually use my Airpods and I don't hear them talking.. I hear them only through my laptop speakers.. I googled to find the solution, how to fix this, and maybe it is easy, maybe I'm just too dumb to understand how this system works.. Still can't understand what the hell is happening.. 😕

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