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(Help!) Two noobie questions -

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Question 1 - What triggers this motorcycle animation bug and how do I make sure it never happens again, I am sure its been posted here before - but I am not sure how to word the search...


Question 2 - If my vehicle was to be stolen, and someone decided to not chop it, but instead hide it in the forest or something, how would I ever get it back? Is there some kind of tracking system I am able to install or is there some feature I am missing?

I appreciate all of the help so far. Everyone I meet has been super nice and helpful. The reviews here were super dramatic compared to what I have experienced in my short 20 hours on this server.


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Question 1 - Press B to point before you get on your bike

2 - Mors requires you to install a tracker in your vehicle as part of their insurance plan. use /showvehicles to have it pop up on your map. use /vehiclestats to figure out where your vehicle is/ license plate info. Caveat to the tracker is only shows if the vehicle is EMPTY.

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