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[Game-breaking] Do not enter Maze bank / Interantional Building

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Date and time (provide timezone):     30-4-2018  ,, 15;34 ( GMT+1 )

Character name: Skipper_Istan

Issue/bug you are reporting:  So, me and a friend entered the Maze bank ( Or International building, was confused which one ), and literally, not even after a second of entering the building we ' fall ' through invisible ground and get injured. This should be fixed it's not smart to leave the ' Enter building ' sign there if it's not fixed yet because this may cause a lot problems..

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate




Additional: I lost some stuff as you can see on the video, any possibility to get the items back ?


Involved people:

Jan Keien

Allan Frankland

Edited by Skipper
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