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[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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ECLIPSE Roleplay: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Written by: ECLIPSE Roleplay Staff


Where can I access the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rules?

You can access our latest ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rulebook by clicking here.


How do I join ECLIPSE Roleplay?

In order to successfully ECLIPSE Roleplay, please follow this guided tutorial by the ECLIPSE Roleplay staff team.


When will my roleplay quiz be reviewed?

Any questions, comments, or concerns can regarding your roleplay quiz can usually be answered within our New Player Setup Guide, which includes an extensive guide on how to pass your roleplay quiz, as well as information on how long roleplay quiz review takes and more!


What are the available commands?

You can view the available commands by pressing F5 or using this commands list.


How do I use this menu that I've opened?

If you are unable to navigate through any menu within ECLIPSE Roleplay, press F2 to display your mouse cursor and navigate through the menu. 


How do I earn experience points?

You can earn experience points by simply playing on Eclipse-RP. Normal players earn 3 (three) experience points per minute. VIP players earn 4.5 (four and five tenths) experience points per minute.


How do I join a government faction?

Eclipse-RP offers a total of 6 (six) government factions for our players to choose from. To join a government faction, you must apply via their recruitment terms. Below are the hyper-links to all of the government faction's individual recruitment sections.



How do I make money?

There are many ways of making money in ECLIPSE Roleplay. If you are not quite experienced enough to join a government faction, you have many base employment and activity options. Read below to see some of the many employment and activity options.


Trucker Job

This job requires you to drive a truck with a trailer to certain locations throughout the map. These 4 (four) types of cargo - Freight, Fuel, Weapons, and Vehicles. After you pick up your trailer you need to load it at the corresponding spot and then head towards your destination where you will unload your cargo. In case you run out of cargo, you can go back and load more cargo. Press Y at anytime to change your way point marker.


Garbage Collector Job

This job requires you to drive a garbage truck throughout the city and clean the streets. Grab your garbage truck and drive it to the black spots in the mini-map. Park and go pick up the bags by pressing E. Once you load up to 10 of them you will have to go and unload at the landfill.


Courier Job

This job requires you to deliver packages to the homes of the city. To do this you will press Y to spawn a truck. Once you get in, the destination will come up on your GPS. When you get to the location press E at the back of the truck to get a box, walk up to the delivery point and press E again to deliver it. In case you run out of packages to deliver,you can go back and load more packages.


Money Transporter Job

This job requires you to reload the ATM's around the city with money. Grab your money truck and drive it to the destinations given by the GPS. Once you get there you have to get a bag from the back of the truck by pressing be go to the ATM next and press Y to operate it. If you get in your truck again, another location will show up in your GPS.


Bus Driver Job

This job requires you to drive routes around the city picking up passengers. You will have to press Y in order to spawn a bus. The route will be set on your GPS. In order to get paid, you must complete the entire route.


Fishing Activity

This activity requires you to reel in fish at the Del Perro Pier. Once you see a message that you have caught a fish, press K in order to reel it in. You will receive a message notifying you that you have taken the fish. Once you are done fishing, press F2 and head to the selling location to sell your fish.


How do I change my look?

There are many different ways to change your look. To change the clothes your character wears, visit one of the many clothing stores across the map. In order to purchase clothes, you must have cash on hand. If you don't like the way your character physically looks, you may visit the Los Santos Emergency Medical Department in order to obtain plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery is free for the first time, but anytime after that it will cost $30,000.


How do I purchase a cell-phone?

You can purchase a cell-phone by visiting one of the many general stores around San Andreas. Keep in mind that cell phones cost $2,000.


How do I purchase a weapon?

You can legally purchase a weapon by first purchasing a firearm's license at the Los Santos Police Department for $10,000 then visiting one of the many Ammunation stores around the map. Keep in mind you will need to have cash on hand. You can also purchase illegal weapons from people. Find out how to do this in-game ICly!


How do I report an officer of the Los Santos Police Department for abuse of power (ICly or OOCly) or poor roleplay?

You can file an Internal Affairs report on any member of the Los Santos Police Department if you have witnessed them abuse their power, display poor roleplay abilities, unprofessionalism/poor attitude, or just poor conduct in general.


I don't think my punishment was fair, can I appeal it?

To appeal a punishment, fill out an appeal form, but make sure your appeal meets the requirements.


How do I report this person? He just broke a rule!

In order to report a player for breaking a rule, you must use /report. If there are no admins available to respond to your report, you must create a player report, but make sure your player report meets the requirements.


How do I suggest something for the server?

Create a server suggestion form.


How do I create a criminal faction?

Create a thread explaining your faction within the Player Factions section on the forums, then apply for official status after 30 days of having your thread up (as long as the applications are open.) 


What are No Crime Zones?

No Crime Zones are areas within the server in-which committing crimes that involve a criminal or disobeying police orders are against the rules, even when you have an in-character reason to do-so. Read below to see the current No Crime Zones.

  • The Block Surrounding and the Interior of the Los Santos Police Department.
  • The Block Surrounding and the Interior of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services.
  • The Block Surrounding and the Interior of all active banks.
  • The Block Surrounding and the Interior of the Tequila-la poker bar.
  • The Interior of the Yellow Jack Inn.
  • The Airport Drop Off (New Character Spawn)
  • The Parking Lot of the DMV.
  • The Bolingbrook Prison and the parking lot/gate interior surrounding it.


How do I rob people?

You can rob people by using the commands /frisk, /mug, /takebattery, /me, and /do. Robberies should always contain an utmost amount of RP. In other words, you should RP patting someone down rather than just running the /frisk command. Keep in mind you may not rob players under 1,000 experience points. It is the robbers responsibility to check the experience points of their victim.


How do criminals make money?

Criminals can make money in many ways. Some of these ways include but are not limited to: Drug Dealer Activity, Stealing Vehicles & Taking them to the Chop Shop (Located in Stab City), Dealing Drugs by importing them via warehouses or growing marijuana at marijuana plantations, etc.


How do I steal a vehicle if it is locked?

In order to steal vehicles, you must purchase bobby-pins at general stores. Bobby pins cost $350 each. Once you purchase the bobby pin, you must go to your desired vehicle, press CTRL + X, then right click the vehicle, then press Bobby-Pin. You can also bobby-pin people that are in handcuffs too! Be aware that you will not always be successful with your bobby-pins, so you may have to purchase multiple!


How can I have a custom walking style?

You can purchase custom walking styles using credits. Each walking style costs 1,000 credits. Once you have purchased the credits, you must select your walking style in game by pressing F6.


How do I report a glitch I've discovered?

If you find a glitch, create an in-game report via /report. If no one is available to respond to your report, you must make a bug report, but make sure your bug report meets the requirements.


How do I get to send out messages to the server?

To send out a message to the server, you can call Weazel News by executing the command /newsagency. If you want the luxury of posting out bleets whenever you want, you may purchase the VIP role via credits. Once you've purchased your credits, you must use your credits to buy VIP in-game via F6.


What are credits?

Credits are an out-of-character (OOC) currency that can be purchased on our panel. By purchasing credits, you are able to purchase special vehicles, VIP, change your name, custom license plates, and more! You do not need to spend credits right away, credits do not expire. Credits are stored on your in-game account. You cannot transfer credits to other accounts, however they can be used on all characters within the account in-which you purchased the credits. Proceeds are invested into powerful hardware to maintain stability and higher performance which enables players to achieve a smoother roleplay experience.


How do I become a donator?

Donator status has been given to all community members who have supported us in the pre-release and early-development stages of the project. If you wish to become a late donator, you must donate at least €100 in total, then contact an administrator to apply the status. Donator status is special, because it is permanently becomes tied to your account!


How do I change my character's name?

You can change your name at the Los Santos Police Department. The first name change costs $25,000, however, any name changes after that will cost 500 credits each.


How do I join the staff team of Eclipse-RP?
You can join the staff team as support staff by filling out an application. Applications tend to open monthly. When applications are open, there will be an announcement in the Eclipse-RP discord server.


[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Frequently Asked Questions - Version 2.0

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