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[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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ECLIPSE Roleplay: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I join ECLIPSE Roleplay?

In order to successfully ECLIPSE Roleplay, please follow this guided tutorial by the ECLIPSE Roleplay staff team.


Where can I access the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rules?

You can access our latest ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rulebook by clicking here.


What is the user panel used for?

The user panel can be used to purchase credits, view player and business stats, and to purchase ECLIPSE Roleplay merchandise. 


Are forum accounts and in-game accounts the same?

No! Your forum account is unique whereas your in-game account can be used in-game and on the panel. If you already have an in-game account, you WILL need to create a forum account. If you already have a forum account, that does NOT mean you have a government forum account. 


When will my roleplay quiz be reviewed?

Your wait time for quiz review can vary. Time of submission, queue of other applicants, and availability of staff may affect your wait time. Estimations are hard to predict therefore we just ask that you wait patiently.


What are the available commands?

You can view the available commands by pressing F5 in-game or using this commands list.


What is IC and OOC?

IC stands for in-character and OOC stands for out-of-character. Often times player will use terms like "ICly" or "OOCly." If you were to describe yourself robbing someone as your character, you could say: "I'm robbing this person ICly." 


How do I use my mouse cursor to click things?

If you need to use your mouse cursor in-game, press F2


How do I earn experience?

You automatically earn experience by playing on ECLIPSE Roleplay. Players earn 3 points per minute and VIP players earn 4.5 points per minute.


Where does my character purchase a cell phone?

Players can purchase a cell-phone at any general store as long as it is in stock. 


Why can I not see the map?

In order to see the mini map, you must purchase a map which can be purchased at any general store if they are in stock. In order to use the GPS functionality in ESC, you must purchase a GPS which can also be purchased at any general store if in stock. 


Why can't I use my radio?

In order to use your radio, you must place your radio in the ear-ring slot of your clothing inventory. 


How does my character earn money?

ECLIPSE Roleplay offers many opportunities for your character to earn money. If you're looking to start your character's career, we offer many government factions (official careers) which are explained in the question below. The locations of these freelance jobs/activities and their sell-points must be found ICly. If you want something more laid back, your character can work at one of the many freelance jobs around San Andreas or take part in an activity. Below are a list of always available freelance jobs and profitable activities:

  • Farming Job
    • There are two (2) farms in San Andreas.
    • Farmers are assigned a tractor and a section of a field to plant, maintain, and harvest wheat crops.
    • After harvesting wheat, a transport van can be obtained to load wheat. 
    • Farmers can sell their crops to a farmers market (drop-off point).
    • The amount of money farmers earn depends on the quality of their wheat.
    • Payment is added to a farmers salary after selling an individual bag of wheat
  • Trucking Job
    • The trucking job employs truckers to fulfill business restock orders in San Andreas.
    • Truckers can use either their own truck or a borrowed truck from the headquarters.
    • Truckers will be tasked with loading their truck and delivering their load to the delivery address. 
    • The customer decides their own service price; service price is paid to the trucker.
    • Payment is added to a truckers salary after completing a delivery. 
  • Garbage Collector Job
    • The garbage collector job employs drivers to collect garbage around Los Santos.
    • Dumpster locations will be added to a drivers GPS.
    • Once a driver has a full load of garbage, they can drop it at the Los Santos Dump (drop-off point)
    • Payment is added to a drivers salary after dropping their garbage.
  • Post-OP Job
    • The post-op job employs drivers to deliver local mail to the citizens of San Andreas.
    • Post-OP drivers can only take one (1) order at a time.
    • The mail sender decides their own service price; service price is paid to the driver.
    • There are four (4) post offices around San Andreas and one (1) post-op job headquarters.
    • Drivers may pickup mail from any post office but must begin work at the headquarters.
    • Payment is added to a drivers salary after fulfilling their mail order.
  • Courier Job
    • The courier job employs drivers to deliver out-of-state packages to the citizens of San Andreas.
    • Courier drivers are assigned a truck full of packages to deliver to their respective addresses. 
    • Courier drivers may refill their truck with packages after their truck becomes empty.
    • Payment is added to a drivers salary after each delivery.
  • Money Transporter Job
    • The money transporter job employs drivers to refill the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) of San Andreas.
    • This job assigns a location to the drivers GPS and the driver is tasked with refilling the ATM on that location. 
    • Drivers may refill their truck with money after they have run out at the money transporter headquarters. 
    • Payment is added to a drivers salary after each ATM refill.
  • Bus Driver Job
    • The bus driver job employs drivers to drive a bus route to transport passengers around Los Santos.
    • Payment is added to a drivers salary after completing a route.
  • Lumberjack Job
    • The lumberjack job employs lumberjacks to cut down and sell trees.
    • This job requires a hatchet.
    • Logs and branches can be sold to the lumberjack market (drop-off point).
    • Payment is added to a lumberjacks salary after selling their wood. 
  • Toll Booth Operator Job
    • The toll operator job employs operators to operate toll booths.
    • Toll operators type /togglebooth to raise or lower the toll barrier. 
    • Payment is added to the toll operators salary after each payment. 
  • Oil Mining Activity
    • The oil mining activity allows miners to mine oil at a mining plant.
    • This activity requires a pickaxe. 
    • Oil can be sold at the oil market (drop-off point). 
    • Payment is added to a miners salary after selling their oil.
  • Ore Mining Activity
    • The ore mining activity allows miners to mine ores at a mineshaft.
    • This activity requires a pickaxe.
    • Ore can be sold at the Los Santos Foundry (drop-off point). 
    • Payment is added to a miners salary after selling their ore.
    • The amount an ore miner is paid depends on the demand of ore. 
  • Fishing Activity
    • The fishing activity allows fishers to fish at any (realistic) water source.
    • This activity requires a fishing pole. 
    • Fish can be sold at the fish market (drop-off point).
    • Payment is added to a fishers salary after selling their fish.


How does my character get an official job/join a government faction?

ECLIPSE Roleplay offers a total of 9 (nine) government factions (official careers) for our players to choose from. Below are descriptions of each faction and links to their respective recruitment pages:


How do I change the way my character looks?

Players can purchase clothing at any clothing store in San Andreas and you can change your clothes by pressing I to access the clothing inventory. There are two (2) barbershops and tattoo-parlors around San Andreas. The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services also offers plastic surgery in their hospitals. 


Why can't my character purchase a gun from a gun store?

In order for your character to be eligible for legal gun purchases, your character must have a valid firearms approval license and a valid weapons license. Your character can apply for a firearms approval license by clicking here. Once your character has been approved, purchase a weapons license at any law enforcement station and you will be eligible to purchase guns from gun stores.


Where can my character purchase a melee weapon?

Baseball bats, golf clubs, and hammers can be purchased at any gun store without a weapons license as long as they are in stock. Knives and hatchets can be purchased at any general store as long as they are in stock. 


How does my character or I report a government official?

You can report any government official ICly or OOCly if you feel they have abused their power, acted incorrectly, broke a rule, etc. Below are links to each government organization's respective employee complaint forms:


How do I appeal a punishment?

To appeal a punishment, fill out an appeal form, but make sure your appeal meets the requirements.


How do I report a rule-breaker?

Use /report to report players in-game. If there are no admins available to respond to your report, you may create a player report, but make sure your player report meets the requirements.


How do I submit a server suggestion?

Create a suggestion thread by clicking here. 


How does my character create a criminal faction?

Your faction does not need to be official in order for you to enjoy your roleplay. Creating a criminal faction can be done with 100% roleplay unless you desire official status. If you would like your faction to become official, a good start is creating a player faction thread. You can contact a member of the faction management team for more information. 


How does my character join a criminal faction?

Joining a criminal faction is done ICly and should never take place OOCly. 


What are No Crime Zones (NCZ)?

No Crime Zones are areas within the map where no crime is permitted on an OOC level. If you are in a No Crime Zone, it will be displayed near your GPS area. Below is a list of No Crime Zones:

  • The interiors and blocks surrounding all active government offices, law enforcement stations, fire stations, hospitals, impounds, and banks. 
  • The interiors and blocks surrounding the Tequila-la and Yellow Jack Inn poker bars.
  • The locations and blocks surrounding the Los Santos Airport, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and Bus Depot. 


How do criminals make money?

Criminals can make money utilizing any freelance job however criminals can also chop cars, sell drugs or weapons, and more. Rich criminals are unrealistic, therefore criminal activity won't typically pay well. Create roleplay! Your imagination is the limit!


How does my character steal a vehicle if it is locked?

Bobby pins can be obtained at any general store and can be used to break into locked vehicles. To attempt to lock-pick a vehicle, press CTRL+X and right click the vehicle you want to lock-pick. Click "Bobby Pin." You won't always be successful at lock-picking vehicles and bobby-pins cannot be used more than once.


How does my character break into a locked door?

Bolt cutters can be obtained at any general store and can be used to break into locked doors however front doors cannot be broken into. To attempt to lock-pick a door, access your inventory by pressing I, right click the bolt cutters and click use. Click "Bolt Cutters." You won't always be successful at lock-picking locked doors and bolt cutters can break.


How do I report a glitch or bug?

If you find a glitch or bug, we recommend you file a bug report that meets the requirements.


How does my character purchase advertisements?

To purchase an advertisement, your character will need to call Weazel News and can do so by typing: /newsagency. 


What are credits?

Credits are OOC currency that is purchased on the user panel. They can be used to purchase credit-exclusive vehicles, VIP status, walk styles, custom license plates, character name changes, and more! Purchases are secure via PayPal and we do not store your information. Once you have purchased credits, access the credit store in-game by typing /cstore or pressing F6. 


Can I sell or trade vehicles I purchased with credits?

Vehicles purchased with credits will always be owned by the character that purchased it and they cannot be sold or traded.


How do I become a Donator?

You will automatically become considered a donator in-game and on discord after you have donated a total of €100. If you wish to flex donator status on the forums, contact a Senior Administrator or above for your role.


How do I change my character's name?

You may change your characters name by pressing F6 in-game. Name changes cost 500 credits and cannot be used solely to clear a criminal record. If you change your name, your character is still the same person but with a different name. We do not currently support character-kills. 


How do I join the staff team of Eclipse-RP?
You can join the staff team as support staff by filling out an application. Applications tend to open monthly. When applications are open, there will be an announcement in the Eclipse-RP discord server.

[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Frequently Asked Questions - Version 3.0 | Updated: 23/Apr/2020 @ 7:00 PM ET

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