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ECLIPSE Roleplay: New Player Setup Guide
 Written by: ECLIPSE Roleplay Staff


Welcome to ECLIPSE Roleplay, we are glad you've found our community and are thankful for the interest you've shown in joining. This guide will go over everything you need to go, beginning with how to get started on ECLIPSE Roleplay and ending with the beginning of your roleplay adventure!


Any new players destined to roleplay on the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server must first take and pass our roleplay quiz which includes a multiple choice question section and a short-answer question section. This guide also contains an in-depth guide of how to take and pass our roleplay quiz. In order to ensure you'll pass our roleplay quiz and enjoy the community and all of it's features, please follow all of the steps listed below.


Do not allow other people to complete your roleplay quiz for you, or follow anyone elses directions (excluding staff members) and do not use any guides that are not official and/or published by ECLIPSE Roleplay for reference. Actions such as these may be tracked and can result in you being sent back to the roleplay quiz.


General Steps Before Roleplay Quiz Attempt


Step #1: Create an ECLIPSE Roleplay forum profile. The ECLIPSE Roleplay forums are used to communicate developmental and community changes to our community members, as well as reporting other players, appealing punishments, requesting refunds, reporting bugs, or requesting support.


Step #2: Join the official ECLIPSE Roleplay discord server. The ECLIPSE Roleplay discord server can be used for sharing media about the community, seeking assistance from staff, or receiving important announcements regarding community and developmental updates. 


Step #3: Read and understand the latest version of the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rules and all of our official server guides. Before attempting to take the quiz, ensure that you are 100% confident that you have read and understood the entirety of our rulebook and our server guides. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may forward them to a staff member via the #i_have_a_question channel in discord or the Technical Support section on the forums. 


Step #4: Download Rage Multiplayer and connect to the ECLIPSE Roleplay server. The current IP address can be found in the #rules channel of our discord server. Once you've connected to the server, create an account. Forum profiles and in-game accounts are two different accounts. After creating your account, you must visit https://www.panel.eclipse-rp.net to verify your email address. If you do not receive your verification email address, please create a Technical Support thread. Once you have created your account and verified your email successfully, you will be prompted to take the roleplay quiz. Please note that you may not copy and paste anything to the roleplay quiz, everything must be in your words only. Once you have submitted your roleplay quiz, you may log off as you will be notified via email with the results of your quiz. Your quiz may take a while for review, wait times can range anywhere from one minute to one month, please refrain from contacting staff members directly in regards to reviewing your quiz (including tagging staff on discord.) 


If you have passed your roleplay quiz, please complete the following:

  • Link your in-game account to your forum account by clicking here. You are required to do this, so that you can be properly notified of forum reports or other issues. 
  • [OPTIONAL] Create an "Introduce Yourself" thread to introduce yourself to the community. It is great to start off in the community knowing some members beforehand, you can do so via these threads. 
  • Connect to the ECLIPSE Roleplay server to create your character and begin roleplaying. Congratulations on your acceptance, and enjoy ECLIPSE Roleplay!


If you have failed your roleplay quiz, please complete the following:

  • If your roleplay quiz has been denied manually by a staff member, you will be required to wait a minimum four (4) hour cool-down period. If your roleplay quiz was denied automatically by the server itself, it probably means that you copied and pasted something into the roleplay quiz at one point, and you will be required to wait a minimum one (1) week cool-down period. Do not allow the rejection of your roleplay quiz to demotivate you or discourage you, as many players first attempts of the roleplay quiz were rejected as well, especially for first-time roleplayers.
  • Please re-read our server rulebook and server guides, specifically whatever it is that caused you to fail during your previous attempt. If the feedback provided is too vague, you may ask staff members for help in the #i_have_a_question channel in the discord server.
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