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[ECLIPSE Roleplay] New Player Setup Guide

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ECLIPSE Roleplay: New Player Setup Guide
 Written by: ECLIPSE Roleplay Staff

Welcome to ECLIPSE Roleplay, thank you for the interest you have shown in joining our community. This thread will help guide you in getting started on ECLIPSE Roleplay.

ECLIPSE Roleplay is a heavy voice roleplay server that is played on the RAGE Multiplayer client via Grand Theft Auto V. We have a dedicated volunteer-staff team to help ensure your experience in the community is nothing but pleasant. 

New players hoping to join our community must first take and pass a roleplay quiz which consists of a multiple-choice section and a short-answer section. The multiple-choice section will be automatically graded but the short-answer section is manually graded by staff. Following this guide step-by-step will help you pass the roleplay quiz and begin roleplaying in-game with ease.

Please note that wait-time for roleplay quiz review can vary. The time of submission, queue of other quiz applicants, and availability of staff may affect your wait-time. Do not expect an estimated review-time. The results of your roleplay quiz’s short-answer section will be sent to you via email. You do not need to remain in-game for your quiz to be reviewed.


General Steps Before Roleplay Quiz Attempt

Step #1: Read the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rules and Official Guides. Any questions that you have can be forwarded to the #i_have_a_question channel of the ECLIPSE Roleplay discord server. 

Step #2: Download and install RAGE Multiplayer, open the launcher and click direct connect. Enter the server’s IP Address: play.eclipse-rp.net:22005 and click connect. Once you have reached the authentication menu, create your account. NOTE: Your in-game account is ONLY used in-game and on our user panel, your forum account is separate. Do not log in until you have completed step three.

Step #3: Log into the ECLIPSE Roleplay User Panel and verify your email address when prompted. Once complete, return to the game and log into your account. You will now be prompted to complete the roleplay quiz. Do not attempt the roleplay quiz unless you are confident in your ability to pass. 

The use of non-official guides during the completion of the roleplay quiz is forbidden. Copying and pasting sections from our rules or guides, copying and pasting other players quiz answers, or allowing other players to complete the roleplay quiz in your place is strictly prohibited. These actions will be met with the disqualification of your roleplay quiz.

Step #4: Once you’ve completed your roleplay quiz, submit it. The results of your roleplay quiz will be sent via email and you do not need to remain in-game while awaiting your results but you are welcome to create your character(s) during your wait. 


If you have passed your roleplay quiz, we recommend you do the following:

If you have failed your roleplay quiz, you may do the following:

  • Do not get discouraged, you may attempt the quiz as many times as necessary. Do not forget that staff is always here to help! We are available on discord and on the forums and are always happy to answer questions or provide support. 
  • Review the ECLIPSE Roleplay Server Rules and official guides. If you’re not sure about something, ask! 
  • Take into consideration the feedback you received from the staff member that rejected your roleplay quiz. 
  • NOTE: Denials by staff members result in a four (4) hour cool-down period. Denials that are automatic and performed by the server result in a one (1) week cool-down period and occur when the server determines you did not write your answers yourself. 
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