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Eclipse Staff Roster

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Eclipse Staff Roster

Development Team

Name Rank Position
NobodyLTU Founder Director of Development
Osvaldon Founder Director of Operations
harmdone Developer Director of Staff

Administration Team

Name Rank Position
BallinByNature Head Administrator Head of Administration
Head of Factions
Head of Illegal Factions (Interim)
FatherOsborn // Osborn Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Administration
Lewis Senior Administrator Assistant Head of Support
Head of Legal Factions
Chuck Senior Administrator Head of Player Reports
Faction Management
PBAJ Administrator
TheFluciFial // Flucifial Administrator
Serth // Serthon Administrator Head of Event Team
Bakmeel Administrator Faction Management
MusketDeezNuts Administrator Assistant Head of Illegal Factions
Faction Management
MarcoD Senior Moderator
Andy Senior Moderator Faction Management
Dingus0 Moderator Faction Management
Aldari_Tagril Moderator Faction Management
Event Team
Varakai Moderator
XposeD Moderator Event Team
Rodiz Moderator Event Team
Archaeah Moderator Faction Management
Event Team
nateX // nateX2 Moderator
Boxxy Moderator Head of Faction Management
Event Team

Support Team

Name Rank Position
isHazel Senior Support Event Team
TobyVintage Senior Support Faction Management
Event Team
UBUB Senior Support Faction Management
Event Team
Dqniel Senior Support Faction Management
Chrisy Senior Support Faction Management
ABroHaam Support Faction Management
Spookie // Spookie2 Support Faction Management
Event Team
inorigj Support
BadZanta Support
Kables Support
LukasMontana Support
alexalex303 Support
MickeyToolin Support
Brock Olly // Albert Support
Denni Support
DDevastatedTV Support
shiroq Support
John_MacAleese Support
paulo Support
MrSplashy Support
AaronStyles Support
Punched Support
Sean Hamilton // James Gill Support
Zemaitc Support
Micr0ni Support
ImChazaa Support
doc Support
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