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Are you the victim of a severe loss due to a rule breach in which another player purposely broke a rule? Witness a player hack or bug abuse? Know of someone breaching community policy to a severe extent? Been severely insulted out of character or been threatened with a cyber attack?

If you have evidence of any of the above situations this is the place for you to report your incident and come to a resolution among players with the assistance of a game administrator or moderator.

This section is for OUT OF CHARACTER rule breaches of the Eclipse Roleplay Server and Roleplay Rules. If you are reporting the LSPD or the LSMD for something IN CHARACTER or breach of faction duties, please report them to their respective internal faction review systems. For LSPD it is Internal Affairs Division, and for LSMD it is the Medical Review Board.

Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Consider if you could possibly teach this player or if you've tried to come to a resolution on your own. Reporting another player should be reserved for your final options when a rule breach has occurred. Always try to teach other players in the community, especially with newer players, as well as help them truly understand your point of view prior to simply reporting them if something doesn't go your way.

Reports involving insults must be truly offensive, being called an idiot or saying you are stupid while offensive may not be report worthy. If you truly feel offended or cannot get the player to cease contact with you then you may report them.

IF you decide you need to report you must follow the guidelines below and do your best to inform and provide evidence of informing them that they have a player report on them. Staff too are held to the same rules while playing so if you feel an Eclipse Staff member has broken the rules while playing also feel free to report them as well just like any other player.


Simple forum rules for this section are below:

  • Ensure you have read the rules and still believe the player has broken a specific rule before posting.
  • Attempt to inform the reported player(s) of the report through tagging or screenshots of telling them via PM they have been reported.
  • Failure to use the proper format will result in an immediate closing of the report without investigation.
  • Players who are NOT INVOLVED in the report are not allowed to respond unless sharing necessary or pertinent concrete evidence ("I can confirm." or "That's what happened." is not acceptable). If you comment on a report you're not involved in you may be warned by a forum moderator.
  • Evidence of the rule breach is required such as a screenshot or video. Evidence from other players may be used and it is permitted for that player to post concrete evidence for you, again being a witness does not count.
  • Do not PM anyone from the Eclipse Admin Team regarding your reports, or post reports directly to an administrator. Situations must be handled in /report in game, and on the forums out of game, and no where else.
  • No double posting or thread bumping. One report for one situation, and it will be handled as promptly as possible.
  • Once a staff member has made a final decision, you may not post the player report again. If you received punishment, you may try to attempt a punishment appeal one time for each punishment obtained. See the Punishment Appeals section for more information.
  • The person reporting must be directly involved in the situation, except in cases such as cheating, exploiting, or cyber threats.


Required topic title:

First Last (Specific rule(s) broken)

This should be the name of the player you are reporting and the rule(s) you believe they've broken. Rules can be found HERE and will be required to be cited in the body of the format as well.


Dante Wiggins (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

Ramon Carter (6.2.1 New Life Rule, 6.4.6 Powergaming)

Stranger 1234_5678, Don Underwood (6.4.1 Metagaming, 6.4.6 Powergaming)


Required report format:

Player(s) being reported: 
Date of rule breach:
Time of rule breach:

Your characters name:
Other players involved:

Specific rule broken:
" Paste rule text here "

How did the player break the rule?:

Evidence of rule breach:



Player(s) being reported:  Ramon Carter
Date of rule breach: 1/1/2018
Time of rule breach: 3:12 PM EST

Your characters name: Travis Palmer
Other players involved: Travis McGregor

Specific rule broken:
" Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without
having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. "

How did the player break the rule?:
Ramon had never met Travis before, but he walked up and then pulled out a shotgun shooting Travis dead. I asked him why he had killed Travis or if he had a valid reason to do it and he said "you're an idiot" in /b and then logged out. I believe he broke the deathmatching rule because he did not have a valid reason to kill Travis.

Evidence of rule breach:
*Screenshot of Ramon shooting with a shotgun aimed at Travis's direction, no roleplay on the screen*
*Screenshot of Travis dead, a conversation in /b asking why Ramon killed Travis, but then Ramon quits the game.*


*Video evidence showing the scenario described above*


What constitutes as evidence?

  • Evidence is always required. Other players confirmations are not considered evidence. Posting "I saw it happen too." or "I can confirm this is the truth." without additional relevant evidence to the report is forbidden and may result in a forum warning.
  • All video and screenshot evidence may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Posting tampered or manufactured evidence may result in a ban from the game.
  • Chatlogs are not considered concrete evidence but may help support your case. This can not be the sole form of evidence of the loss.
  • Evidence can also be in the form of a confirmed bug report, admin approval in /rm from a report in-game, or a link to a concluded report.
  • In character evidence must be roleplayed such as turning an in character recording device on, and if it is to be RP'd hidden, roleplayed being concealed in some manor, in order to be considered as a valid in-character video or photo.
  • Videos must be viewable with readable resolution, screenshots must be at a reasonable sized. Again no editing or tampering with video or photo evidence. Audio should not be removed from the footage. If video or audio contains sensitive information, you may request to send to the administrator directly as to not make the information public.


Good luck resolving the report for both parties, compromise, teaching, and prevention of a similar future disagreements is the primary focus of the punishment and report system used by Eclipse. An admin will respond to your report as soon as they are available and depending on the rule breach and severity will make a ruling ranging from RE ROLEPLAYING a situation administering WARNINGS or administering admin PUNISHMENTS as well can make requests to REFUND or return assets lost or stolen in the course of roleplay if it is still in play. Lost assets due to a report can be requested for refund. See the Refund Request Requirements for more information on refunds after your report is resolved.

You do not get to suggest or decide punishments given and should never PM an admin about a forum report directly.




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