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Decision Appeal Requirements [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

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Do you feel you have been punished incorrectly or have learned from your punishments and want to return to the server? Do you believe a report or situation was concluded incorrectly? This is the section that is required to be used in order for punishments and situations be reviewed. The moderator or administrator whom issued the punishment will reply (if possible) with their reasoning for the punishments and the details they remember around the situation. Following this, a member of Senior Staff will review the appeal, where they will determine if the situation was handled properly, if a punishment should be reduced, or a punishment should remain on record.

You can find a list of staff on the Staff Team Points of Contact.

You can find your punishments on your game panel HERE using your in-game login information. If you are banned, you can connect to the server and check the information on your ban screen.

Keep in mind this section is NOT to be used for debating how the rules should be and is NOT to be used for bashing admins, the admin team, or Eclipse Server. Appeals of this nature will be locked without consideration. Only post here if you can discuss appropriately why you didn't break the rule that you were punished for breaking or that you understand why you were punished, and have learned from the situation and wish to have a punishment lifted.

A situation can be appealed no later than 2 months from the date it was concluded. After 2 months, you may only appeal to return if banned, and the punishment cannot be voided.

Appeals that involve cheating, ban evading, cyber attacks, or any other severe rule breaks may be denied without consideration unless the post is compelling. Do not expect to be able to appeal for violations of this type. In addition to this, spoken to warnings are non appealable. These administrative notes are not punishments, they are done for logging purposes and are more notes for any reviewing staff member than they are for the player.

You are NOT to PM or directly contact any staff member regarding your punishment appeal unless they specifically say you should. Doing so may result in a closing of your request or further punishment.

You are NOT to post in this section of the forums unless you are making an appeal, or commenting on your own appeal. Stating you would like your friend unbanned, or that he is a good person, or that they didn't deserve punishment in your opinion, will earn a warning for spamming. You should not comment on other people's appeals.


  • Game-related punishments
    • Use the format below.
    • If the situation is in relation to a forum report, please link it.
  • Discord Punishments
    • Include your Discord account name next to your in-game account name, along with any other relevant information.
  • Gov Teamspeak Bans
    • You will need to appeal with the agency that banned you through the government website. (gov.eclipse-rp.net)
  • Forum Warnings
    • Include a link to the post you were warned for in the details.
  • Forum Bans
    • Wait for the time to expire, then you may follow the format if you disagreed with the punishment.
    • For permanent bans, reach out to a member of senior staff directly (through Discord).
    • Do not make a new forum account to get past a ban.

Failure to follow the format may result in your appeal being closed.


Required topic titles:


Firstname_Lastname (Decision Appeal)

DiscordUsername (Discord Appeal)



Tyrone_Balakay (Deathmatch Appeal)
Tyrone_Balakay (Ban Appeal)
Philoop (Discord Ban Appeal)

Required appeal format:


Character or Account name(s)

Admin who issued the decision

Date of decision

Decision received

Reason given for decision

Your explanation of what happened

Why should your appeal be accepted?

Post any evidence or further details



Character name(s): Tyrone_Balakay

Admin who issued the decision: Dqniel

Date of decision: 30/JUL/2023

Decision received: 7 Day Ban

Reason given for decision: Deathmatching

Your explanation of what happened:
I decided to kill Bobby Kirk without any prior escalation.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I am fully remorseful and regretful for the situation that occurred. I realize now that I shouldn't have killed the other player and ruined his RP situation, and I am truly sorry for it. I wish to have the punishment reduced as I realize now that I shouldn't have done that and I will not do it again.

Post any evidence or further details: *Insert Video Here*


Character or Account name(s): Philoop

Admin who issued the decision: Dqniel

Date of decision: 30/JUL/2023

Decision received: Indefinite Discord Ban

Reason given for decision: Posting an inappropriate GIF in #general.

Your explanation of what happened: I decided to be edgy and post an immature and inappropriate GIF in #general.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have now realized that I went too far, and I am sorry for posting things of this nature. I will refrain from doing things like this in the future, and I will reread the discord rules if my appeal is successful.

Post any evidence or further details: *Insert Relevant Evidence Here*


After you post:

  • Do not PM any staff member in regards to your appeal.
  • Wait patiently, some appeals may be answered quickly and others require investigation and review that can take time. Do not bump your appeal due to impatience.
  • The mod or admin will explain their reasoning, and then it will be reviewed by a member of Senior Staff.
  • Once a decision has been made here, the decision is final and you cannot appeal again for the same issue.
  • Once a conclusion has been made, the thread will be locked and archived. If no time frame is given then you may appeal no sooner than 10 days from the conclusion of your previous appeal, otherwise, no sooner than the time given in your last appeal.


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