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Refund Request Information [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

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nedladdning.pngIn order to obtain a refund for property or assets that was lost due to events out of your control, it is required you post here with your request. It is expected you have read ALL of the below guidelines before posting. If the requirements are not met then unfortunately we are not able to grant you a refund. Do not post a refund that fails to meet the requirements or it will be locked and if it is a repeating offense you may face a forum warning.

Evidence is required in order to obtain a refund - unless it is due to a confirmed Eclipse Roleplay bugs, developers will not check logs to validate your claims as this would be simply too time consuming. It is recommended to keep record of your major assets in which you would need a refund for upon unexpected loss.


The refund process takes a lot of time and the majority of requests require developer level access, therefore, to prevent a refund backlog (refunds not being processed for months), refunds of monetary value less than $25.000 will not be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this rule.

Any refund requests related to monetary loss due to potential script issues needs to have an UNEDITED VIDEO RECORDING attached to it, e.g. alleged poker bugs. We need to be able to see the whole game, player's bets/raises/calls/folds et cetera to investigate it further and make a judgement. 

Examples of when you would be ABLE TO post a refund request:

  • Losses resulting from server crashes or major desync issues.
  • Confirmed reported bugs. (Bug report must be confirmed by a developer in the 'Bug Report' section of the forums FIRST)
  • An incident in game in which an admin deems necessary that a player deserves to be refunded. Admin confirmation is required to meet this requirement and you must have the confirmation from /RM (Report Message) with the admin and document the date / time of the confirmation as well. This will be reviewed.
  • A forum report in which admins have deemed necessary that a player deserves to be refunded. A link to the concluded report must be provided in the refund request.
  • Unpaid loans from LOAN COMPANIES (businesses) - until the script supports IC enforcement from the Government.
    • The player taking the loan must be inactive for 45 days before the loan company is eligible for a refund. If not, it has to be resolved through In-Character means.
    • Please note down any collateral(s) taken. Collateral(s) will be taken into consideration when it comes to the total value of the refund.

Examples of when you would be NOT ABLE TO to post a refund request:

  • Mistakes made by the player such as buying the wrong car, buying the wrong mod in mod menu, selling their house accidentally, etc.
  • Items lost during normal course of game play or role play, even if all parties agree they want to void the role play or pretend it did not happen.
  • Scripted losses such as fines resulting from traffic violations, being arrested, paying for medical treatment, or paying for plastic surgery.

Examples of things that are ABLE TO be refunded:

  • Money
  • Weapons
  • Vehicle modifications
  • 75% of the initial loan amount (- what's paid back)
    • We do not refund any interest on the initial loan.
    • Loan Company owners will have to make up for the 25% loss through In-Character means, e.g. holding onto asset(s) from loan takers prior to loaning the money.

Examples of things that are NOT ABLE TO be refunded:

  • Anything lost to unconfirmed bugs
  • Vehicle repair/restore price
  • Anything that does not meet our guidelines


IF you meet the above requirements, you should post a refund request using the format below. Failure to follow this format or include all relevant information will result in it being denied including posts with insufficient evidence of the loss.

You may not combine two separate losses into one refund request in order to meet the minimum requirement. Each individual loss must meet the above criteria on their own.


Required topic title:

[Refund Request] First Last (Property)


[Refund Request] Ramon Carter ($5000)


[Refund Request] Ramon Carter (Pistol .50)


Required post format:

Character to be refunded:
Date and time of incident:

Requested refund (what and how much):

Description of incident resulting in loss:

Evidence of loss:



Character to be refunded: Ramon Carter
Date and time of incident: 1/1/2018

Requested refund (what and how much): Pistol .50 with 100 ammo, $5000

Description of incident resulting in loss: I had just purchased a pistol .50 from the gun shop with 100 ammo and then I paid my friend back $5000. The server crashed about 30 seconds later, and when I logged in I no longer had a weapon and neither me or my friend had the $5000

Evidence of loss:
*Screenshot of weapon / ammo, also showing current money on hand of $6000*
*Screenshot of return to game with $1000 money on hand*
*Screenshot of friends return to game with $0 on hand*

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


What constitutes as evidence?

  • Evidence is always required. Other players confirmations are not considered evidence.
  • If you do not have screenshots or video showing clear cut proof of the loss, a refund will not be granted.
  • All video and screenshot evidence may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Posting tampered or manufactured evidence will result in a ban from the game.
  • Chatlogs are not considered concrete evidence but may help support your case. This can not be the sole form of evidence of the loss.
  • Evidence can also be in the form of a confirmed bug report, admin approval in /rm from a report in-game, or a link to a concluded report.


What if I get accepted?

  • To receive an approved refund request (only can be approved by Head Administrator +) you must contact a head administrator in game via /report when they are online, or via discord when you are available to receive the refund. If they are not available, they will try to schedule a time to administer your refund.

What if I get denied?

  • If a request is denied, the verdict is final. We encourage you to gather all evidence necessary the first time you request. Requesting a refund that has already been denied will be punishable.


You may now post a refund request!

Thanks for your cooperation and adherence to the refund request guidelines.

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