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VOIP isn't working for me.

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I've been trying for hours, i'm frustrated and i'm not sure what else to do. 


VOIP is completely broken for me.  I cannot hear anybody, nor can they hear me.

The first day I joined the server, it worked fine. Then it randomly just stopped working out of nowhere.


Since then I've done the following:

Reinstalled GT-MP

Cleared CEF Cache folder 

Cleared the Eclipse RP Resource Folder

Checked audio settings outside of GT-MP

Changed Voice Chat in GTA Online to allow "Everyone" 


After doing this, my voip worked for a total of 5 minutes, and stopped again.


Pls help.....

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By VOIP, I take it you're talking about IG voice chat.  It could potentially be an issue with the headset or microphone that you're using. 

Test it with other software such as teamspeak, discord and skype. 

Let me know if you have any luck, I've never encountered an issue with VOIP and I use a headset myself.


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Make sure you have this know you said it was working yadda yadda but double checkerino.

Note: CEF is for most of the functionality on the server, Media Stream is for voice chat usage.


How to enable on client:


Set DisableCEF to false and MediaStream to true


Example code for settings.xml (Found in GT-MP folder)



  Copy pasted instructions check.

Beyond that when you load up hit p twice before selecting a server (Where Micheal is talking to his shrink in the background) this will open the gtav options menu.

Check in your game options that your microphone is set to enabled and all that good shit.

Can also do a good ol /vv100 set voice volume to 100 incase its super quiet and you are just not hearing it or something.


Could also be some serious desync , hasn't been near as bad as it once was but failing everything else being a-okay could be that mucking up.

If none of that works let me know I will have a beer and a think on the matter see if I can think of anything else.

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