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Car repair-kits - [only to start vehicle]

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First suggestion, as since I'm playing on Eclipse it hasn't changed.


We see alot of people with broken cars waiting for mechanics to get it towed to be able to use it again. Since most of the time mechanic's will not respond to any /mechanic message asking for towing service, I thought about a car-repair kit that you could buy from a general store.

It would be nice to have the option to buy some kind of car-repair kit that you could use on your car to get it 'started' again. By this I do not mean fully, but just a bit so you would be able to start it again to drive your car to a mechanic afterwards and get it fully fixed up. This way mechanic's can keep doing what they're doing, and people do not get annoyed by the fact that the towing service is mostly useless and you have no other option but to leave your broken car.

The reason for the repair-kit to not fully-repair your car, is because it shouldn't take mechanic job away, of fully repairing your car.

Just thought this would be a good addition. Its just a basic idea, should probably get twisted a bit, but its an 'idea'.

Lets see what the rest of the community thinks of this.

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2 hours ago, aitorgn said:

+1 if it can only be used once and are expensive, for an emergency in case the mechanics are busy or there isn't one.

I agree with you but you should have to take a class to use them or your cars engine would break due to not knowing how to fix your car.

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