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puple text, taxi bug etc.

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Date and time (provide timezone): having this for legit 1 month

Character name: Ruki Cake

Issue/bug you are reporting: unable to see the purple chat and /ame basically anything.for others i see they see when they call a taxi they can see how long the taxi takes for location. and when they pickup or drop something it shows in purple text etc. it doesnt show me tho basically my /ames .this is a video made by me yesterday to complain a dmer but lets use this video for example. like when people lock and unlock it shows on screen right? in purple. but for me it doesnt. 

Expected behavior:  


Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

in this ss u can see it says joseph stops playing and stands up etc. when i do it doesnt appear for me. just wanna know how to fix this error. cause its so fucking annoying to lock /unlock a car and recheck if its locked or not. today got my rv jacked cause of it lol


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5 minutes ago, Architer said:

Hello and thank you for creating a bug report!

Are you a Windows 7 operator? Windows 7 users have this problem and unfortunately there is nothing that developers can do about it as it is not server related.

windows 7 ye. and some dude jacked my rv today with 5000 ores cause i forgot to lock :c no solution for this?

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