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[Faction Suggestion] FBI/CIA/NSA

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Apologies if this isn't in the correct format or including much information as at this time I do not have much, but should interest be shown I'll be more than willing to turn this thread into a detailed description of my Idea including Location for Base, Vehicles, Ranks, Uniforms and Policies and so on.


So what's up guys, Im Wilkie (Glen Casso) and some of you might remember me from other gaming communities centered around San Andreas Roleplay (NGG + Horizon) and I've played a good 10 years on SAMP Roleplay Servers across a multitude of different factions, some of them law enforcement, some of them support and some of them completely different but I spent the majority of my time in Law Enforcement Factions, I actually made it to Rank 4/6 in the LSPD and Rank 2/6 in the FBI and Rank 1/6 in the N.O.O.S.E, and I loved the inter-departmental roleplay that was able to take place when big events were taking place, it was amazing! I've not yet been in any law enforcement faction with my time here at Eclipse becuase truth be told I haven't long had a PC strong enough to play GTA V, nor did I have the game (I'm laughing at Max Settings + 120 FPS now) so my knowledge on this is all guessed, but I would belive it fully possible to include a higher "Federal" state of law into the sever. This server has an amazing playerbase compared to even some of the peak days back on SAMP-RP so filling the faction with players should be easy enough.


Now like I say if this thread get's lets say 20 replies with support or suggestions on this, I'll start working on a FULL Guide of my Idea, and everything I mentioned above I will write and edit into this post, but for now i'm going to keep it incredibly simple. So Let's talk Federal Agencies, so far in Eclipse we have the Government website intertwined with the LSPD, and that's amazing, really brings a sense of realism into how the government would work but for a Federal Agency to be added would add to that experience. The FBI on my days in SAMP-RP Were pretty Elite to get into, you had to have some form of Law Enforcement Experience and the forum application was rigourous aswell meaning that only the best, well-spoken and experienced players were portraying the roleplay of these Federal Agents, which really meant acceptance into the faction was big deal cause you were deemed a good enough roleplayer, experienced player and well-spoken enough. Going into the ranks, like I said I don't know how the ranking system for factions works here, but it would start out at Intern Level, basic level interactions and basically just a ride-along with actual agents and higher, they're main job is to support the Agents and Higher in their duties regardless of what it is, from grabbing coffee to pulling Database records and so on, so they basically just learnt how the Federal Agents worked and so on, then was the second Rank, the Field Agents. These guys were out on Patrols in unmarked cars looking for Felony Offences and Major crimes being commited as well as being on standby to assist other law enforcement as required and they ran the day-to-day stuff, they were also responsible for writing Case-Files (Which were detailed reportes) of the people they arrested so it could be stored and archived in the database for someone else to use. After the agents came the Senior Agents, they were similair to agents but had more juristiction to command Interns to do jobs and to advise in tactical situations that the Agents and Interns may have found themselves in, but again very similair to agents. Next up came the Agents in Charge, and thats when the Career Development started to happen as Agents in Charge were able to go into the Recruitment Desk and have a massive input on Applicants, and if they were in the right sub-divison of the agency they were able to accept and train Interns. 


I'm going to stop talking about the ranks of the FBI now as I feel I'm gonna get too far involved, but I've outlined them atleast and if this gets enough support I'll right an official faction guide with much more detail. Next up I'll talk about the CIA and the NSA, I don't know of any servers that ever actually implemented either of these factions but again should it be shown enough support, I will go about planning it, but basically I'd like to see the CIA/FBI on the same level of sort of "Federal Justice" and the NSA more "Under-Cover" and behind the scenes with focus on strong inter-faction roleplay. The N.O.O.S.E was actually one of my favourite factions and it stood for the National Office Of Security Enforcement and the reason I liked this as a faction so much as it played off a Real GTA:SA Faction, and they were the elitest of the elite, they only ever had about 20 members in the faction at one time and everything was as secret as it could of possibly been, and selection had to happen inside the faction, there was no Recruitment Application, the applicants were offered a position if they were selected from another Law Enforcement or Medical Faction, and talking away from the faction itself I think the reason it was such a cool faction is A) It was super secret and limited to only 20 people B) There was no way to apply or get in, other than being noticed by them and C) They had the best supply of Vehicles to use accross the map. 


So yeah there's just a basic outline of a few factions that I truly believe could be made possible, I have experience within the FBI Faction so I'm sure some of that knowledge will come in handy if this thread gets support and I fully plan it, but I'd like to know EVERYONES Thoughts on this, are Federal Factions a good idea? - Let me know and thanks for Reading


Wilkie x

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4 hours ago, arcangel said:


We already have FBI

It's all rolled into Investigations bureau, which is part of the PD. They do everything these factions would do.
We also have a Forensics department.


Nice idea though 🙂

Ahh I see - Well it was a nice idea! Maybe something like N.O.O.S.E but then again back in those days I believe it was player bought faction and they were basically just SWAT Which i'm guessing you already have lol - Thanks for the reply, I'm actually looking at applying for the LSPD after hearing this, I miss that kind of intense roleplay!

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