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Lost bought shirt and jacket, can't buy new shirt.

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Account name: aaronsxe

Character name: Mal Ramsey

Issue/bug you are reporting: I went to buy new clothes. I but a jacket from the "tops" menu. This made the t shirt I was wearing previously disappear. So I went to try and buy a shirt from the "shirts" menu, in the same store. No shirts appear. I clicked remove clothes - tops, and left the menu. Did I lose the 1,300 jacket I just bought? Do I have to rebuy it? I can't buy anything from the "shirts" menu because nothing shows up. Is there an inventory for clothes you've already bought? If there isn't, there definitely should be.  


In this first picture, it shows that the "tops" menu works fine.



In this second picture, it shows that the "shirts" menu does not show any shirts available for purchase



In this picture I show that it's the same for a different store.




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I've always had this problem, only certain jackets will allow you to buy a shirt under them (suit jackets and coats), it's really annoying since there are a lot of nice jackets that look stupid if you don't have a shirt under them. Most of the normal jackets, leather ones etc. force you to be shirtless under them.

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