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Ability to apply for car loans/downpayments

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Currently, to obtain a car you have to either save up the money yourself or take out a loan from a loan company. The majority of people IRL tend to make down payments on vehicles until they have eventually fully paid off said car, however, they have a limited amount of time to fully pay it off. For example, I want en Elegy Retro Custom, I would be able to apply for a downpayment on this car from the dealership, for example, Motorsports would have a system where we would be able to apply for these downpayments. I would pay about 40k or more a week until I have reached the required amount, dealerships would be able to automatically seize ownership of the car and said player would not be able to sell this vehicle, similar to not being able to sell Import/Credit Vehicles. A fee would also be automatically deducted if you fail to pay within the required amount of time.

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