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Here we go...

I think Pocket Money, should be an inventory item like stamps in prison

  • When Withdrawing money, it goes into inventory and has a small inventory volume, meaning you can only have so much in your pocket
  • This adds the RP of filling bags full of money. 
  • /pay still used, /pay would take the money from your inventory and send it to the other player inventory, but if its in a bag, so when its a lot, you have to give the actual bag
  • Depositing money would just take it from your inventory.
  • Adds ability to take pocket money off of dead bodies, instead of it just being lost
  • Adds ease to take money from players when robing
  • ENABLES PLAYERS TO STASH CASH!!! Hide it in your car, bike, house, furniture!! 

Please add anymore suggestions below, and give a +1 if you like the idea!

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Suggested before multiple times, I think it has a lot of potential, however I think with how the economy is, every dollar needs to be divided by 100 and costs reduced that much. 500 for a burger is hard to work with, $5.00 would be so much better. If you have to pull and split or mess with 500 'dollars' it could be a pain as an inventory item especially if it had any sort of weight, but that's a whole different thing together.

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