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modview healing bug

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Date and time (provide timezone):  19/02/2020

Character name: Emina Christine

Issue/bug you are reporting: modview healing bug

Expected behavior:  i accidently hit a wall so i went to bayview. when i arrived i did /modview to check some colors and noticed all my scratches went away. so i went out to damage my car. ramming alot of lamp poles. after i started smoking i returned to bayview and did /modview 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Before the /modview https://gyazo.com/fea8541cf7aa2a73bb6df650293e978e  After the modview https://gyazo.com/41694425fccde1ead6c2ff9596e32ae8 . it fixes the vehicle for everyone around me as well so it does sync. i asked everyone in /b if they saw the smoke and they said yes and then noticed the smoke went after

Vehicle license plate number*: EMINA

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