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Multiple Gang Warehouse Issues

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So, multiple issues regarding all this, I'm sure its been cut across potentially in other posts but I would have thought it would be more public knowledge so that we don't waste money or disabled, but anyways here goes.


We just recently got access to warehouses and the like and ran in to the following issues and have lost (roughly) 140k into thin air.

1.  Lost $75k because the server 'crashed/restarted' (I was present for this one)

Ordered a 10x pump shotguns for $75k money taken, get a message about it being delivered 10 mins later or so and while on the way there the server 'crashed/restarted', returned to server went to the delivery spot anyway (We had previously collected something from the same spot) waited about half an hour nothing appeared.

2. Lost a further $61k on weapons and ammo (I was not present for this)

Been informed that after I left that the other gang members attempted another purchase of weapons and ammo and this time there was no server crash/restart in between that all that happened was that the money was taken and no information was given regarding a delivery whatsoever, they waited again for about half an hour and got no information about that.

3. 100x Ammo purchases give you 5? bullets

So A few videos here, one of me purchasing the bullets which clearly to me say 100x Pump Shotgun Ammo x10, which to me says 1000 in total right?

Well, nope I only got 5 bullets.

https://clips.twitch.tv/PolishedAcceptableShieldCclamChamp - Ordering the ammo

https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianEvilSparrowKlappa - And the surprise.

And finally finding out about the above ammo issue I went and purchased more ammo and the server 'crash/restart' thing happened again and so lost that shipment as well. So that was another I dunno like $2000 down the drain again.


So so far, drug delivery and purchases have seemed to have been working fine, guns and ammo on the other hand..... just a waste of money. Hopefully, some of the others may have some info that I may have missed and will be filled in accordingly.



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Thanks for this report, we have logs and will be able to refund any losses from the restarts on orders. I will have to do some more testing with that. As to the 100x ammo, I will need to do testing and figure out whats going on there. 

Leave it with me, I'll have it sorted!

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