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[Help] Autokey binder

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Please can someone sent me link for AUTOKEY binder i want bind /me. First of all i want bind /me takes out his gun from holster. and /me puts his gun into holster and safe it.

I am really text based roleplay so its really good to have keybinder on ligh-rp server where everyone is taking their M4 from their (( butt )).

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I don't use AutoHotkey on GTA V mainly because it's extremely bugged for some reason. If you have anything else but an English keyboard layout, it won't work. It'll simply to 7 instead of /. So if you want it to work, set your keyboard/default language to English. Also, make sure that you run AutoHotkey as an admin.

I made these binds below for you, change the "KEYBIND" to whatever key you want to use, i.e. Numpad8. Change them how you see fit. 

#IfWinActive Grand Theft Auto V

KEYBIND:: SendInput t/me reaches for his holster as he withdraws his pistol, as he then proceeds to turn the safety off.{enter}
KEYBIND:: SendInput t/me turns his pistol's safety on before sliding it back into its holster, concealing it.{enter}
KEYBIND:: SendInput t/me reaches into his trunk as he retrieves his Assault Rifle.{enter}
KEYBIND:: SendInput t/me quickly bends down slightly as he slides out his Assault Rifle from underneath his vehicle seat.{enter}
KEYBIND:: SendInput t/me reaches into his coat as he hastily pulls his Micro SMG out, turning its safety off.{enter}


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Have you tried different inputs? I am using ControlSend and that works very well. OOOH, I figured it out. Its the speed for how fast it writes.

Okay, I  figured it out. It works around 90% and it will work at 100% if you wont spam the keybind.

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors
; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetKeyDelay, 20,0

#IfWinActive Grand Theft Auto V

	send, {shift down}t7
	Sleep 10
	SendInput {shift up}b Hello{enter}


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Anything that the /me is meant to be typed out for to purposely slow the action down for realism/chance for others to react should never be binded. I used to use a bind for my /megaphone to tell people to pull over during driving, but that was about it and I don't even do that anymore. They just make you seem like a robot.

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