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Tiered Exterior Build Limits

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Building outside is an amazing feature and I'm honestly super glad that it exists. But, with performance limitations, it's very difficult to build exactly what you want. I was hoping this massive 4G exterior that is fenced in would be able to house tons of custom features, but it is limited to 15 pieces, same as everything else. Then I thought, why is everything limited the same? With the new rules, we can't build a 7-car garage on the side of a trailer, stuff like that. Why not do tiered limits?

1G - 10 items
2G - 15 items
3G - 20 items
4G - 25 items

or something along those lines. That's all I got. I just think the 4G houses should have more availability for building, as they RPly are capable of hosting tons of objects in the yard.

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