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Inventory Bug after spawn at pillbox

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Date and time (provide timezone): -

Character name: Leonardo Joseph

Issue/bug you are reporting: This bug always happens after people dead on gunfight/injured and spawn at pillbox with his stuff still inside his inventory, like gun etc.

Expected behavior:  Stuff in our inventory should be gone and stay on our dead body

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicateLwMGM86.jpg



1.in the first picture you can see i was outside of ncz area
2.in the second picture you can see i was inside of ncz area (Central Hospital)
3.in the third picture you can see i was outside of ncz area but i still have NCZ tag on my /ncz

this bug caused because of NCZ protection from central hospital, so if you go to central hospital and go somewhere without touching another NCZ such as (LSPD, Bank, Pillbox, SandyMD)
you will always have NCZ protection from Central Hospital and it will make the stuff stay on our inventory when we're dead.

On that time, i tried to central hospital > then i do /ncz at foundry > i still have NCZ Protection > Then i went to LSPD (another NCZ) > the NCZ Protection gone > then i went to central hospital again > after i went central hospital > i went to meat drop off > i did /ncz and i still have NCZ protection from central MD.

The solution : Every NCZ location will remove their NCZ protection when we get out from NCZ except Central Hospital, so if we go to central hospital without touching another NCZ you will always have NCZ protection and that is the reason you still have your stuff when you're dead.

NB : I forget to do /time for check timestamp on that time. so i fill it with " - "
for that PM i tried to PM Bakmeel and telling him the solution how to fix this inventory bug after spawn.

The point is : Central Hospital NCZ Protection sticking to our character until we touch another NCZ / Relog

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