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Vehicle Export/Trading In

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I don't know about anyone else, but I find the whole system of purchasing and selling vehicles to be irritating at times. When you go to buy a car, you are frozen, sat in the vehicle and you have no idea how the vehicle handles or how fast it goes or it's trunk space or basically any of the important things besides the cost. When it comes to selling it, often there aren't any spaces at high end or you aren't quite sure how much to sell for or no one wants to buy your vehicle.

It's frustrating.

So, in terms of making selling vehicles a little easier, my suggestion is to allow you as a vehicle owner to sell your vehicle off to a foreign exporter. The car will be erased from the database, you'll never see it again and you'll receive a portion of the amount you bought the vehicle for back.

Case and point, I bought a Marquis for 770k when the whole boat/island thing was a thing. I've used that boat like twice and I want to sell it. I've tried selling it for 700k, 600k, 500k but no takers. Now with this suggestion, I could trade that in and to be honest with you, i'd quite happily take a 25% or 50% hit to get rid of it at this point. 

With this suggestion, it's not going to deny players the chance to buy used vehicles from other players as people still want their money back when selling usually. It's more for the vehicles you just simply can't shift/sell and you want rid of. Money is still coming out of the economy as well. Plus, you have at least some kind of safety net knowing that if the worst comes to the worst, you can always trade in your vehicle and make some of your money back.

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To add on to this, the addition of maybe a used car sales lot at certain locations around the city. Business can be run and the building can store X amount of vehicles. They can bring the vehicles out for prospective clients and even purchase vehicles from people to add to their current stock. I can elaborate more but just something I thought of, spur of the moment.

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