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OPTIONAL ability, mechanics to choose customers mods.

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Like all my suggestions, short and sweet.

I think the server should add the ability for mechanics to be able to choose the modifications on a customers car. Wether this includes upgrades or just visual mods. (Paint, bumpers etc) is debatable.

This allows for scenarios where a customer is not sold or convinced on what colour to spray their own car and would like a true second opinion. Allowing for more engagement between customer and mechanic. Of course this would be entirely optional, something that could be RP'd out though enabled with a script.

''Sir, if you would like I could help you choose your paintcolours and show you. That way we can come to a colour you like together.'' -- I already do this, but this would go a lot smoother if we were scriptly enabled to do so.

In this instance say a customer agrees to this. The mechanic could send a request, something looking like. /Modrequest [ID]

Let me know what y'all think 🙂

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