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Old NGRP Player - Stewart Nero - Hey!

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Hey everyone. New here but not to RP. Found this community when getting back into SA:MP actually. Used to play on NGRP back in 2012. Played there for a few years and left around 2016ish. Was fairly active most of that tim;, was in the SFPD, FBI, HMA, NOOSE, SAAS etc. under the names: Stewart Borrelli, Stewart Nero, Stewart Ip, Shane Borrelli.

Also spent a little time on LSRP, but not much, under Stewart Nero. Recently learned about the NGRP merger so my NGRP Stewart Nero account is on there. After doing a little digging I found this server and here I am!

Just saying hi and looking for any old friends of mine I used to play with. 😄 see you in game!

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