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5049 W/S Criminal Hoovers [5049WSCH]

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The 5049 W/S  Hoover Criminals Gang , also known as CH5049 and formally addressed as the Criminal hoovers are a predominately African-American street gang. Their base of operations is located on the West Side of LS. The 5049 W/S CHG is a  sub-set under the larger Hoover Criminals Gang umbrella. They were birthed during the late 1960s, originally known as the 94 Hoover Groovers in the earlier days.  For the most part this was short-lived, when a prominent member of the Westside Davis Crip Gang  Member was murdered in a gang-related shooting. All fingers were pointed at the Hoover Criminals  this sparked a major gang war with many other crip sets.  Today, active members of The Hoovers are sworn enemies of both Bloods and Crips; specifaclly gangs who fall under the Neighbor Hood Crips card. With their roots as a Crip gang, The Hoovers have traditionally been hostile towards all Bloods, and most crip sets though they seem to just beef with anyone who provokes them.



DeAnthony "Montana" Reynolds

Charged with "Aggravated Robbery & Unlawful posession of a firearm"

Status: Released & Alive


Ethinicty: African American

Height: 6'4

Hair Color: BLK | Eye Color : DRKBRWN

Character Issues?: Calm & Relaxed most of the time, no issues visible.

DeAnthony "Montana" Reynolds is an African american around the age of 34 years old,

DeAnthony's father was a Known OG in the Criminal Hoover Gang, Upon his father's death DeAnthony was given control of the clique to further

advance the gang and complete it's goals, DeAnthony currently controls the clique to his willing as long as he progress the clique to complete there goals.

DeAnthony suffered most of his childhood but always had something because his father would go out and get it, DeAnthony's mother died in a car crash 3 months after his birth.

DeAnthony was never one to be hot-headed and instead would plan things out before doing them in the moment.



Carlos "Demon" Rivas

Charged with "Unlawful posession of a firearm, Public Disturbance, Evading & Eluding."

Status: Released & Alive


Ethinicty: Cacuasian (Latino/Hispanic)

Height: 6'1

Hair Color: BLK | Eye Color : DRKBRWN

Character Issues?: Hot-headed, Addicted to Ecstasy, many mental issues often doesn't realize

what he's doing if intoxicated or filled with anger.

Carlos "Demon" Rivas is a affliate of the 5049 Criminal Hoovers around the age of 27.

Carlos "Demon" Rivas is  an extremely murderous, violent, brutal, bloodthirsty, reckless, cold-blooded and trigger-happy hoodlum who for some reason, shows a very strong dislike

towards anyone who doesn't agree with his views or process of getting money. Carlos "Demon" Rivas spent most of his youth/childhood and adulthood

in the streets Of Los Santos doing the most stupidest/reckless of crimes with no care or remorse for anyone around him unlike Montana he's your much more show-off gangbanger instead

of your slick and quiet dangerous type. 


[-] Must be able to type/speak english.

[-] Non-RP is frowned upon most of time, refrain from doing so.

[-] Not allowed to provoke other gangs or start beef unless provoked/confronted by other cliques/sets/gangs.

[-] Roleplay as a gangbanger but that doesn't mean you can't do regular stuff such as playing video games

or maybe going to church etc.



Melanoma Street is our current faction location and turf.


[-] Character must be at least 10 years old.

[-] Any ethnic group is allowed, higher chance of becoming a member if African American.

[-] Must show good roleplay at all times.

[-] You can join our faction IC, But don't just walk up and ask to be put on, roleplay with us for a bit and you'll most likely get jumped in if we see fit.


((More Stuff is being added, WIP.))


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